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CBS Poll: Majority Of Americans Believe Russia Probe Was Politically Motivated

A recent CBS poll shows that a majority of Americans believe that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe into alleged collusion between President Donald J. Trump's 2016 campaign and  Russian authorities in order to win the presidency was "politically motivated" against President Trump.


As pointed out by elections analyst and writer for EtholyticsBruce Stanford, a poll by CBS taken March 25-26 shows that 54% of all Americans believe that the  Russian collusion probe was "politically motivated." 

Numbers for this poll have changed since January 2019, the last time Americans were asked whether or not Mueller's probe was "politically motivated" or "justified." At that time, a CBS poll showed that 50% of those polled said the probe was "justified" while 45% said it was "politically motivated." 

However, the most recent poll of 1,002 Americans also showed  that 60% of Americans said it is very likely or somewhat likely that "Senior Trump advisors had improper dealings with Russia before Trump was sworn in as president."


But, when asked whether the Democratic Party should "move on" from the Russian collusion investigation, 58% of those polled said Democratic officials in Congress should "drop and move on to other issues." 

This CBS poll reports similar findings from a recent Rasmussen poll. As noted by Katie, "According to a new Rasmussen Survey, 61 percent of voters want House Democrats to drop their investigations into the matter" of Russian collusion. 

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