Jim Acosta is 'Kind of a Big Deal' or Something

Posted: Nov 17, 2018 12:05 PM
Jim Acosta is 'Kind of a Big Deal' or Something

As reported by Lauretta, a federal judge ordered that the White House grant CNN's "star" reporter Jim Acosta his White House press pass back after it was revoked by the White House for acting like a jerk. And, per usual, upon arrival at the White House from his probation or whatever you want to call it, Acosta attempted to shift the topic entirely unto himself as if the American public actually gives a damn what happened to their colleague who is seemingly unable to control his "urgent" questions for the president. 

Lauretta wrote yesterday:

Federal Judge Timothy J. Kelly sided with CNN Friday in a narrow preliminary ruling ordering the White House to restore the hard press pass of CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta after they revoked it due to an aggressive exchange with President Trump at a press briefing.

The ruling granted CNN’s request for a temporary restraining order in the case but did not rule on the claims that Acosta’s First Amendment rights were violated by the suspension of his press pass.

Judge Kelly, a Trump appointee, said that his ruling was based on CNN and Acosta's Fifth Amendment claims, arguing that the White House did not give him the due process legally necessary to revoke his press pass.

The ruling does leave room for the White House to provide the due process necessary to suspend Acosta's press pass as it did not address the First Amendment claims.

Following news of the ruling, Acosta briefly thanked his colleagues and said it was time to "get back to work" outside the courthouse.

Upon arrival at the White House, Acosta sauntered up to a gaggle or reporters, smugly smiled, and then asked his friends, "Do you want to ask a question or...?" 

As noted by political commentator Harlan Hill, Acosta has long claimed to be an objective reporter but his actions recently make him more of a pundit. Some might even say he's descended below the clueless Ron Burgundy of Anchorman in terms of self-awareness.