Previously Deported Pickpocketing Peruvian Prompts Police to Pursue 25 Punks

Posted: Nov 16, 2018 8:45 PM

Across the country, there is a gang of Peruvian nationals targeting old ladies in TJ Maxx stores as illegal aliens pickpocket their way to financial success. But according to authorities in Colorado Springs, CO,  police have at least one possible suspect - Pamela Pomar, a previously deported felon who could lead to the arrest of at least two dozen more. 

According to The Gazette, "Pamela Pomar, 32, is wanted on suspicion of two counts of crimes against an at-risk adult, three counts of identity theft and three counts of theft from a person, all felonies, police said in a news release" 

The Gazette also notes that Pomar is suspected of 8 other crimes in the United States that occurred from 2014 to 2017. Police suspect that Pomar is apart of an elite group of punks, mainly illegal alien women, who target unsuspecting elderly women in department stores such as TJ Maxx. 

Apparently, Pomar distracts these women, while another person comes behind and steals their wallets. 

"The incident at the TJ Maxx on Bloomington Street involved a 71-year-old woman who was shopping, police said. The woman was approached by Pomar and another unidentified female and, while one chatted with her, the other allegedly stole her wallet from her purse."

Other places where similar crimes have occurred are Whole Foods, Big Daddy's Burger Bar, and Panera Bread in the surrounding areas. 

Pomar and her accomplice also charged $2,500 to the 71-year-old woman's account. Ms. Pomar apparently has an uncanny resemblance to a man. When police first put out their report, they identified her as a male suspect. 

While these robberies may be petty crimes, Pomar and her gang certainly should be considered dangerous. 

Author's Note: As the hopeless romantic I am, I can't help but imagine Pamela is the inamorata of some poor Peruvian national sitting thousands of miles away in Lima reading this story as "Pamela" by Toto bumps through his joyless apartment. Pamela, don't break that heart of his. It may not heal this time. Turn yourself in. 

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