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At First Indecisive, But Now Not So Sure: Ford, Kavanaugh Testimony 'Tentatively' Scheduled For Thursday

The Associated Press reports that the two counsels representing Professor Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh have tentatively agreed to testify on Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding Professor Ford's alleged sexual assault committed by Kavanaugh. 


The agreement comes after Professor Ford's attorney Debra Katz first said that her client was absolutely willing to testify in front of the Senate. Then, her attorney demanded an FBI investigation. Then they demanded other changes to the process. Then they refused to testify under the circumstances. Then Katz accused, multiple times, Sen. Chuck Grassley of being a bully for asking Professor Ford to testify as soon as possible. After multiple deadline extensions, Professor Ford finally admitted she simply could not make it by Monday because she had to drive her car rather than fly. Sen. Grassley then gave a fifth extension but threatened to hold the vote on Monday regardless if they accepted. Debra Katz "agreed to a request" to testify but asked for further negotiations for her client to discuss the agreements of the actual testimony itself. 

Brett Kavanaugh has agreed to testify and categorically denied the incident ever occurred since he was first accused by Professor Ford. 

According to the AP, it looks like a testimony will happen next week, for now. There are still further negotiations that need to occur tomorrow.

A tentative agreement has been reached for the Senate Judiciary Committee to hear testimony Thursday from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the woman accusing him of sexual assault from decades ago.

That’s according to a person briefed on the matter who isn’t authorized to discuss it by name.

The person says that lawyers for Christine Blasey Ford and bipartisan representatives of the committee came to the tentative agreement Saturday. Other terms of the public hearing will be negotiated Sunday.

The tentative accord could close days of brinkmanship over whether Ford would testify.


Given the track record of the past week for Professor Ford and her legal team, it is best-advised Townhall readers don’t hold their breath until Thursday. This brief episodic political circus would indicate next week's events could be even more of a mockery of the Supreme Court nomination process and that the long-awaited testimony could not happen. It's all tentative.

Editor’s note: Timmy was so incredibly not surprised by the latest noncommittal from Debra Katz & Co that he accidentally said “hold your breath” instead of “don’t hold your breath.” This has been updated. Still, don’t hold your breath. 

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