Feel Good Friday: Traffic Stop Reunites Police Officer and Man Who Delivered Him as a Baby

Posted: Jun 08, 2018 8:25 PM

It is often debated whether there are coincidences in life or if everything happens for a reason. Sometimes, it seems as if "the man up stairs" plays a hand and unites two individuals for some divine purpose. That happened recently in New Jersey after a state trooper pulled over a motorist on a routine traffic stop. Turns out, that police officer was encountering the man who helped deliver him while his mom was in labor nearly 27 years ago. 

From CNN:

Trooper Michael Patterson pulled over Matthew Bailly on a motor vehicle violation last week in Kingwood Township, according to the New Jersey State Police Facebook page.

The men began talking, and Bailly mentioned he was a retired police officer from Piscataway, about an hour away.

It turns out Patterson is also from Piscataway -- the first of several coincidences the men would soon discover.

Patterson mentioned the street he grew up on, and Bailly said he remembered it well, because he had delivered a baby there as a rookie.

He even described the house and said the baby's name was Michael.

The trooper then stuck out his hand for a handshake and said, "My name is Michael Patterson, sir. Thank you for delivering me."

Bailly first encountered Patterson on October 5, 1991.

It turns out, Patterson's mother went into unexpected labor while in the middle of a store. Officer Bailly happened to be near by and rushed over to assist the pregnant woman. Patterson's father called a doctor who instructed Bailly via phone how to safely deliver the young Michael Patterson. After making the connection and Patterson only giving a warning, the two men visited Patterson's mother at her home.

Happy Friday.