Did Jay Feely's Dad Joke Go Too Far?

Posted: Apr 22, 2018 10:55 AM
Did Jay Feely's Dad Joke Go Too Far?

Michigan alumnus and football analyst Jay Feely’s joke about his daughter’s prom date may have gone a little bit too far, some critics say. Feely, a father of four, posted a photo of himself holding his handgun while wedged in between his daughter and her prom date. 

The #Badboys is in reference to Bad Boys II featuring Will Smith and and Martin Lawrence. The two unorthodox cops decide to intimidate Reggie, who is taking their daughter out on a date for the firt time by brandishing guns and swearing at him. The comedy film is beloved by many. It appears Jay Feely is a fan of the film as well. 

Most who understood the reference found the tweet hilarious. 

One person said they understood the reference, but found it out of touch. 

Others criticized the father for supposedly somehow indicating that his daughter was his property. 

This whole debacle seems like an overblown reaction to a running joke amongst fathers that they will intimidate their daughter’s suitors with guns. The great country singer Rodney Atkins even has an entire song about the joke, called "Cleaning My Gun.

The lyrics go: 

Come on in, boy, sit on down
 And tell me about yourself
 So you like my daughter, do you now?
 Yeah, we think she's something else
 She's her daddy's girl
 Her mama's world
 She deserves respect
 That's what she'll get
 Ain't it, son?
 Hey, y'all, run along and have some fun
 I'll see you when you get back
 Bet I'll be up all night
 Still cleanin' this gun

Still, criticism was so heavy that Feely was forced to respond and clarify the situation.

All in all, it seems like those on the left need to relax. The tweet was clearly a joke.