MSNBC Analyst: We Haven't Faced a Crisis of This Magnitude Since King George III

Posted: Dec 17, 2017 3:25 PM

On MSNBC's #AmJoy, guest Malcolm Nance had harsh language for President Donald Trump saying that the American people have not faced this much of a constitutional threat since King George III. He also compared Trump supporters in the government to "Saddam Hussein's people's council." 

While discussing the possibility that President Trump could fire special counsel Robert Mueller, Nance vehemently warned Americans that they needed to defend the democracy. 

“The last time we had a crisis of this magnitude was not the civil war. The civil war at least used the precepts of the constitution to make a legal separation of the United States. It was George the Third and it’s enshrined in the declaration of the independence, other than putting troops in your house, many of these things are happening."

The analyst continued saying that if President Trump did fire Mueller, then he would take away the people's ability to police themselves. 

"If he takes away the fundamental ability for us to police ourselves and to police a president of the United States, he has done the ultimate obstruction of justice. He is dismantling the constitution and it cannot stand. We cannot allow it to stand."

Then Nance, who served in the military as a U.S. Navy senior chief petty officer for 20 years, compared Trump supporters in government to communist regimes and cronies of the deceased dictator of Iraq. 

"Those of us who have sworn this oath, anybody who is watching this who is in government and thinks that this is good, well then you’re just joining a politburo, okay we don’t need Saddam Hussein’s people’s council here to cheer him on. What we need to do is defend this nation’s democracy."

It should be noted that speculation that President Trump will fire Mueller is purely a rumor - not rooted in any evidence. However, Nance should be able to find common ground with Conservatives. 

To paraphrase a line from Ben Shapiro, Nance is not comfortable with the power Trump has, Right-leaning thinkers were not comfortable with the power Obama had. The problem is not in these two individuals per se, but in the power afforded to the executive branch and federal government as a whole. Based on that logic, there should be enough agreement to limit the size and scope of the federal government so that the president cannot act tyrannically.