Did Donald Trump Expose Time Magazine's 'Person of the Year' Selection Process?

Posted: Nov 25, 2017 9:40 AM

*Warning: This article contains potentially offensive language to our readers.*

President Donald J. Trump took to Twitter yesterday, giving America a supposedly behind the scenes look into the selection process of Time magazine's 'Person of the Year.' 

President Trump won the award in 2016. 

Time magazine responded but their answer was a bit peculiar. Time did not exactly deny the statements made by the commander-in-chief, only saying that he was "incorrect."

As Brian Stelter pointed out, it seems as if this is normal procedure, if only so the publication can get a photo shoot out of it. 

However, at least one previous 'Person of the Year' never sat down for an  interview nor a photo shoot. 

Regardless, several prominent Conservatives and Trump supporters came to the 45th president's defense. Sean Hannity was rather explicit in his belief or lack thereof in Time magazine's explanation.

Others pointed out why President Trump should be 'Person of the Year' again.

Whatever the case, Time magazine has a sordid history with placing President Trump or an image in his likeness on their cover. The following tweet summarizes their roller coaster of a relationship quite nicely.