Trump Attacks Struggling San Juan, Puerto Rico Mayor via Twitter

Posted: Sep 30, 2017 9:10 AM
Trump Attacks Struggling San Juan, Puerto Rico Mayor via Twitter

President Donald J. Trump attacked San Juan, Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz via Twitter early Saturday morning after she lambasted the President for the lack of federal Hurricane Maria relief efforts on Friday.

His tweets come less than 24 hours after the San Juan Mayor criticized President Trump on CNN, saying "We're dying here. We truly are dying here. I keep saying it: SOS. If anyone can hear us; if Mr. Trump can hear us, let's just get it over with and get the ball rolling." 

President Trump continued Saturday morning, praising first responders and trashing the "fake news" media for falsely portraying his handling of hurricane relief efforts as insufficient. 

Conservatives and liberals alike were quick to strongly condemn the President for attacking the mayor of a city struggling in the devastating wake of a hurricane.

Puerto Rico was, for all intent and purposes, totally destroyed by category 5 Hurricane Maria. There are currently a myriad of causes and charities helping the beleaguered island, but some residents say they do not need money, but manpower and physical support.

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Admittedly, the President's comments are a bit unseemly during this emergency. One has to question the judgment of the President of the United States after he personally attacked a fellow public servant, when so many citizens have lost everything in a natural disaster and are searching for hope. 

As former Red Sox great and conservative activist Curt Schilling noted, "These are Americans."