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Screenshot via Twitter/@USBPChiefSWB

The U.S.-Mexico border has, rightfully, been the center of attention for even normally unconcerned mainstream outlets after last week's expiration of Title 42. More records for daily encounters and the number of illegal immigrants released into the U.S. have been set, and another individual on a terror watch list was apprehended after illegally crossing into the country, putting an exclamation point on the dangers posed by an unsecured border. 


But at the same time, illegal immigrants have been surging across the U.S.-Canada border, but getting far less attention. Townhall previously reported on warnings from border officials and local leaders as the number of illegal immigrants being encountered surged by triple-digit percentages, but U.S. Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) is again reminding the Biden administration — and warning Americans — that Biden's northern border crisis is dangerous and deadly too.

"I think they just don't even want to face reality," Tenney said Monday morning of the Biden administration's do-nothing posture when it comes to border security and Biden's weekend getaway comment that the border was "much better than [the media] expected." 

Tenney, who is a member of the House Northern Border Caucus, called the reality Biden continually denies a "disaster" and highlighted how "we're seeing over an 800 percent increase at the northern border," especially in the Swanton Sector, where even cold conditions failed to stem the surge in unlawful border crossings over the winter.

"This is a humanitarian crisis, this is inhumane, it's not compassionate," Tenney continued, rebutting the Biden administration's claims about its policies incentivizing and allowing illegal immigration to surge. "The Biden administration knows this," she noted. 


In addition to an illegal immigrant child dying in U.S. custody after unlawfully crossing the southern border, Tenney recounted the recent deaths of four illegal immigrants near the U.S.-Canada border, including two children, whose bodies were found in a swamp. 

"We can't afford this in New York," Tenney said of the additional costs to residents in addition to the ongoing threat to communities and America's national security. "What is this country without a sovereign border?" she asked. "It's not about compassion anymore, it's about a total lack of respect for your taxpayers and your sovereignty and the safety of the people within your borders," Tenney explained of the Biden administration's — and state Democrats such as New York Governor Kathy Hochul's — policies. 

Yet Biden, Hochul, and Democrats continue to make things worse, deny the causes of the border crisis — both down south and up north — and show no interest in doing anything to secure America's borders or crack down on the criminal organizations exploiting his policies. 


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