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Kamala Harris Put Together a Spotify Playlist for Her Trip to Africa. The First Song Is Quite Fitting.

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

While the Biden administration's border crisis continues to rage, inflation remains stubbornly high, and supply chains remain a mess, Americans can rest easier knowing that Vice President Kamala Harris has been working "closely" with Spotify to curate a playlist of "African music as a means of crystallizing her current trip across the continent," according to an exclusive report in Billboard on Monday. 


No, it's not parody and yes, this is what the person one 80-year-old heartbeat away from being the president was working on in recent days. 

Lacking some self-awareness, the first song on the VP's playlist is "Act a Fool" by All My Cousins, and someone might want to check in on Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff given track eight is "Single Again" by Harmonize. 

Among the songs are a few explicit tracks, including "Kwaku the Traveller" by Black Sherif that repeatedly uses "f**k" and "s**t," so this playlist is apparently not for young followers of the VP's travels across Africa.

The 25-track playlist comes after, according to Billboard, "VP Harris worked closely with the streamer to curate the playlist, which features Ghanaian and Ghanaian-American artists like Amaarae, Moses Sumney and Black Sherif; Tanzanian and Tanzanian-American artists like Harmonize, Zuchu and Alikiba; and Zambian and Zambian-American artists including Chile One Mr. Zambia, Yo Maps and Chef 187."


At least the vice president is focused on the things important to Americans...

Here's the full track list:

  1. All My Cousins, “Act a Fool”
  2. Moses Sumney, “Me in 20 Years”
  3. T’neeya, “Pretty Mind”
  4. Amaarae, “Reckless & Sweet”
  5. Herman Suede, “Kumbaya”
  6. Moliy, “Ghana Bop”
  7. Ria Boss, “Call Up”
  8. Harmonize, “Single Again”
  9. Chile One Mr Zambia, “I Love You”
  10. Black Sherif, “Kwaku the Traveller”
  11. Jux, Marioo, Papi Cooper & Tony Duardo, “Nice (Kiss)
  12. Zuchu, “Utaniua”
  13. Yo Maps, “Aweah”
  14. Alikiba, “Mahaba”
  15. Jay Melody, “Sawa”
  16. Mbosso feat. Costa Titch & Alfa Kat, “Shetani”
  17. Sarkodie feat. Black Sherif, “Country Side”
  18. Platform Tz & Marioo, “Fall”
  19. Darassa feat. Bien, “No Body”
  20. Chef 187 & Blake, “Nobody”
  21. Kuami Eugene & Rotimi, “Cryptocurrency”
  22. Coolguy Pro, “Cherry”
  23. Marioo & Abbah, “Lonely”
  24. M3NSA, “Fanti Love Song”
  25. Baaba J, “Lumumba”

Tragically, "Africa" by Toto and "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)" by Shakira did not make the cut for Harris' playlist. 

Harris' swing through Africa — and her work on a playlist to accompany her travels — comes as even President Joe Biden has grown unable to mask his unhappiness with her performance as his Veep. Apparently, as Vespa reported, Biden has become "irked" that Harris "has put things on cruise control" and failed to deliver on the policy portfolio he's given her including addressing the border crisis and increasing COVID vaccination rates.


Unfortunately for Harris and her staff, doing a quick Spotify playlist for a trip to Africa won't make the negative stories about her failures — including those from inside the White House — disappear, nor will it make her better at handling the issues facing Americans. 

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