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Joe Biden Is Not Happy That Kamala Harris Has Become Dead Weight

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

One positive development within the Biden administration: Kamala Harris isn’t a robot. Ms. Harris knows she’s a walking dumpster fire that often goes off the rails, embarrassing the White House, her boss, Joe Biden, and the country. We saw that on full display during the early months of the Ukraine War; Ms. Harris’ take on the conflict was painfully immature. The vice president often has herself to blame for her many public fiascos. She reportedly doesn’t read any memos her staff prepares for her on the day's topics. Many have fled for the lifeboats, as her office is a proverbial sinking ship and a reported toxic workplace environment.


She was tasked with getting the border under control, but Harris failed. Biden also made her the face of boosting COVID vaccination rates, another public initiative she was unable to own. When it comes to inflation and this administration’s plan of getting that issue under control, one that’s hammering working families, do not wheel her out in front of the cameras. Harris has struggled with softball interviews from shows like the Today Show, which shouldn’t be a herculean task, but end up being Chernobyl-style public relations nightmares. And now, given a record of gaffes, Harris is reticent, not willing to help her boss out ahead of the 2024 election. It’s reportedly “irked” Biden that Kamala has put things on cruise control (via NY Post): 

Two former White House officials said President Biden is frustrated with Vice President Kamala Harris’ performance — even if he remains committed to keeping her as his running mate in the 2024 election, a new report reveals. 

The 80-year-old Biden, who has gone out of his way to praise Harris in recent public remarks, reportedly has griped about his No. 2’s reluctance to take on risky assignments. 

“A point of tension in their relationship is that I don’t think that the president sees her as somebody who takes anything off of his plate” due to a “fear of messing up,” one former White House official told Reuters. 

Another former White House official told the wire service that Biden, already the oldest-ever president, intends to seek a second term in part because he’s concerned that Harris may not be able to beat former President Donald Trump, who is seeking the GOP nomination. 

“If he did not think she was capable, he would not have picked her. But it is a question of consistently rising to the occasion,” that former official said. 


Harris’ fall from grace within Biden’s inner circle is not shocking. The vice presidency is not a sought-after job in public life, often regarded as a superfluous office. The gentlelady from California has much bigger plans and probably feels the work is beneath her, even though the public knew in 2020 that they didn’t want her as their president. She’s also grossly unqualified to be vice president, and it shows. It’s why Biden's reportedly being irritated by Harris’ reluctance to be a true number two person is ironic. He’s angered that she’s on cruise control mode—the entire administration has operated in that state since the inauguration. 

Biden would do well to axe her from the 2024 ticket. She’s one of the poster children of incompetence that mark this White House. Jettisoning her would show that Joe will clean house to find qualified people to run things but firing the first black woman VP would set the progressives aflame and could endanger his re-election. That brings us to another topic: why is Joe running again? He’s another person who cannot do the job.

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