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WATCH: Biden's MLK Address Was a Complete Disaster

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

After being introduced by Al Sharpton at the National Action Network Martin Luther King, Jr Day Breakfast and following some microphone troubles, President Joe Biden attempted to sing 'Happy Birthday' to the wife of Martin Luther King III, but promptly forgot her name:


After his rocky musical start, Biden launched into his MLK Jr. Day address with his usual divisive rhetoric. Yet again, our supposed "unity" president decided his speech that was supposed to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. should be used to...attack Republicans as "fiscally demented."

The president also engaged in his strange whispering routine to defend his and Democrats' aggressive efforts to increase the number of IRS agents and their enforcement activities that Republicans are trying to roll back. 

According to Biden, "billionaires" need "serious agents to know what they're doing and not doing." In reality, Biden's claim that middle-class Americans would not face additional IRS scrutiny is incompatible with his pledge to increase tax revenues significantly by closing the so-called "tax gap."


After Biden laid into Republicans — who now control the House and Biden needs to negotiate with to avoid defaulting on our nation's debts — he then went after police officers with his usual confusing rants and false claims.

According to Biden, law enforcement personnel who find themselves in a situation where they need to use a firearm to protect themselves, their partners, or the public don't actually need to use their firearms and need to be "retrained" — which is a recipe for more dead police officers killed by criminals. 

Biden also repeated his odd rationale that Americans don't need AR-15s because citizens would actually "need some F-15s" in order to take on the federal government. When it comes to guns he deems to be too scary, Biden's position is that "there's no- no need for any of that." 

If that's Biden's endorsement of private fighter jet ownership, we're interested. 

Biden again smeared those who oppose the left's woke agenda as being some kind of history-deniers, arguing that Democrats are just trying to be "honest," something the woke crowd has not made a priority.


From the falsehoods of the 1619 Project to the fact that most woke "folks!" are actively trying to erase history rather than contextualize or learn from it means that Biden's attack of those he says are trying to pretend "abuses of the past...didn't occur" is a massive misfire. 

Of course, this sort of divisive attacks is what Americans have come to expect from President Biden. From firearms, to vaccines, to income, to skin color, to political ideology, Biden — who promised he would be a president for "all" Americans — just can't seem to pass up a chance to smear vast swaths of his fellow Americans. 

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