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Latest Georgia Senate Poll Shows Dead Heat

AP Photo/Ben Gray

In some of the first numbers to be released from Georgia's U.S. Senate Race since Democrats seized on claims about GOP nominee Herschel Walker, Emerson College and The Hill reported Tuesday that Walker and his Democrat opponent Sen. Raphael Warnock were still neck-and-neck. 


The poll, conducted October 6-7 following revelations earlier in the month about Walker's past relationships, surveyed 1,000 likely general election voters and found the Democrat incumbent Warnock with 48 percent to Walker's 46 percent. That two-point spread is within the poll's +/- 3 percent margin of error. Meanwhile, 4 percent of voters remain undecided, meaning that it's a statistical dead heat with under four weeks until election day.

That is, despite the mainstream media's apoplectic reaction to an October Surprise(TM) in Georgia has not collapsed Walker's campaign as Warnock may have hoped by attempting to make abortion the central focus of the final weeks of the midterm campaign.

Despite attempts by Democrats — from President Biden to Senator Warnock — and their allies in the media to make abortion the primary issue in the midterms, Georgia voters aren't taking the bait. Even after what Democrats may have thought was their silver bullet to knock Walker out or scatter his voters, abortion still isn't a major issue motivating midterm voters. 

Instead, the Emerson College/The Hill survey found that the leading issue for voters — a winning issue for Republicans — is the economy. For Georgians likely to vote in the midterms, 40 percent said the economy is the "most important issue" as they determine how to vote. Lagging more than 20 points behind in voter priorities are "threats to democracy" at 19 percent, abortion access at 12 percent, healthcare at 8 percent, and crime at 7 percent.


Meanwhile, in the other headline race in the Peach State, Republican Governor Brian Kemp polled at 51 percent to Democrat nominee Stacey Abrams' 46 percent with two percent still undecided. Among voters, 62 percent expect Kemp to again prevail over Abrams, a four-point increase since August.

Kemp's polling advantage is due in part to the 57 percent favorability he enjoys in Georgia while his Democrat opponent's favorability is underwater with 50 percent viewing her negatively and 49 percent having a favorable view of the Democrat challenger.

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