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The Latest Poll From Georgia Should Have Democrats Sweating

AP Photo/John Bazemore

The latest poll from the midterm battleground of Georgia shows most Republican candidates in the Peach State pulling away from their Democrat opponents with fewer than 50 days until the general election.


Conducted September 5 to 16, a new survey from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows support for the GOP’s statewide candidates continuing to grow. As AJC itself noted in its story on the latest numbers, the polling update “paints a bleak picture for Georgia Democrats in November.” Indeed it does. 

The survey of likely voters in November's midterms showed GOP Senate challenger Herschel Walker at 46 percent to incumbent Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock's 44 percent — within the margin of error but still moving in Walker's direction. 

Some 7 percent of Georgia voters remain "undecided" in the Warnock v. Walker race according to AJC, but the U.S. Senate contest is the only small (and seemingly waning) glimmer of hope for Democrats in the Peach State just one cycle after the mainstream media and Democrats heralded Stacey Abrams's work to make Georgia a supposedly "blue" state.

Speaking of Abrams, she's on track to lose a second consecutive gubernatorial race to Republican Brian Kemp. The incumbent governor is now polling at 50 percent compared to Abrams' 42 percent, suggesting that Kemp could win the contest outright on election night without the need for a runoff. Kemp currently enjoys an approval rating of 54 percent among November's likely voters.

On the larger question of who the Georgia electorate wants to see controlling Congress starting in 2023, 51 percent say the GOP should be in the majority and setting the agenda as 70 percent of Georgia voters say America is on the "wrong track" under Biden and congressional Democrats' leadership. 


In addition to GOP momentum in this November's headline races, statewide Republican candidates down the ballot are also shown to be running away with their races. 

The Lt. Governor race shows Republican state Sen. Burt Jones with 43 percent. up 10 points over Democrat Charlie Bailey's 33 percent, the same margin separating Attorney General candidates with incumbent AG Chris Carr at 45 percent against Democrat state Sen. Jen Jordan at 35 percent. Even worse for Democrats is the Secretary of State race where GOP incumbent Brad Raffensperger is at 50 percent, 19 points ahead of Democrat state Rep. Bee Nguyen's 31 percent. 

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