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AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File

The mayor of our nation's capital, Mayor Muriel Bowser, declared a public emergency on Thursday over the number of illegal immigrants heading to Washington, DC in the latest hypocritical turn by Democrat-run cities and states when they confront the impact of their policies.


So far, the nation's capital has seen around 9,500 illegal immigrants arrive since April — apparently enough to cause Bowser to declare the public emergency. Meanwhile "7,000 to 8,000 immigrants" are illegally crossing into Texas from Mexico each day, according to Texas DPS

According to Mayor Bowser's declaration, city hall will throw $10 million taxpayer dollars at creating more bureaucracy in the form of a new Office of Migrant Services that "will provide support with reception, respite, meals, temporary accommodations, urgent medical needs, transportation, connection to resettlement services, translation services, and other needs as they are determined."

The emergency also authorizes the city administrator and CFO to set aside addition funds to be spent as they see fit in response to the crisis while it grants DC's chief procurement officer to "enter into emergency procurements outside the Procurement Practices Reform Act" and gives additional leeway to the city administrator to expand or change current programs "in response to the emergency." Bowser also said that she would ask the DC Council to codify the migrant services to make them permanent. 


Bowser's emergency declaration comes after her whining about the number of illegal immigrants coming to DC from Texas and Arizona proved unsuccessful in her bid to get federal assistance. Bowser's request for National Guard help was flatly shot down by the Biden administration: "We have determined providing this support would negatively impact the readiness of the DCNG and have negative effects on the organization and members," its denial explained. 

But, this is all Bowser and her party's doing. Bowser, all the way back in 2016, renewed her commitment to making DC a sanctuary city. 

The mayor's statement at the time stated that the "values, laws, and policies of Washington, DC did not change on Election Day. We celebrate our diversity and respect all DC residents no matter their immigration status," Bowser added. "We are a sanctuary city because we know that our neighborhoods are safer and stronger when no one is afraid to call on our government for help, and when our police can focus on protecting and serving."

When President Trump was elected and in office — the event that caused Bowser to swing open DC's doors to illegal immigrants — the border was under control so her words were mostly meaningless. 


Now, under Biden's dangerous border policy, illegal immigrants are testing Bowser's commitment to her previous words — and she's failing the test. Rather than acting in line with her statement that DC's "neighborhoods are safer and stronger" as a sanctuary city, Bowser is declaring an emergency. 

Apparently, illegal immigrants are proving too overwhelming for her "sanctuary" to handle. Bowser tried running for help to the federal government, got rejected, and then declared an emergency over the predictable result of her policies. If she thinks it's bad in DC, she should really spend a weekend along the border to see how much worse her party's policies have made things.

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