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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Another aide to Vice President Kamala Harris announced she'll be calling it quits on Monday, continuing something of a regular trend that's seen multiple staffers leave their posts in the Veep's office amid reports that Harris is less than a joy to work for. 

The news broke Monday morning as Fox News reported that "Vice President Kamala Harris's National Security Adviser Nancy McEldowney has stepped down" and Reuters confirmed that McEldowney was heading for the exits in order to "focus on some pressing personal matters."

"In her 31-year career as a diplomat in the U.S. Foreign Service, McEldowney has held several roles including ambassador to Bulgaria, and deputy chief of mission in both Azerbaijan and Turkey," Reuters noted in its report. "McEldowney's departure comes at a critical time for Harris, who has taken a central role in rallying Western nations and other allies to act against Russia's attack on Ukraine and has increasingly found herself in the middle of high-stakes diplomacy with leaders around the world."

The timing is not great for the Vice President's office as Harris continues to be shuttled around the globe at Biden's direction to address crises in Europe, Central America, and elsewhere. Russia is still waging its bloody war on Ukraine. China continues to harass Taiwan. Iran is mucking around in negotiations to re-enter a nuclear deal with the United States through Russian negotiators. Not to mention the immediate national security threat posed by the Biden administration's open-borders policy that has created a massive gap in America's ability to secure the homeland. Not exactly a world at peace where a change in national security staff would be less of a notable event. Yet, it's almost to be expected after staff departures became a regular occurrence during the "Biden-Harris" administration's tumultuous first year in office. 

As Townhall covered previously, Kate Childs Graham, who was Harris' chief speechwriter announced her departure in February. Vincent Evans, who served as the vice president's deputy director of public engagement and intergovernmental affairs, also decided to peace out. Harris' Chief spokesperson Symone Sanders also resigned, as did communications director Ashley Etienne toward the end of 2021. Harris' office also lost its director of press operations Peter Velz and deputy director of the Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs Vince Evans.

While those who've left Harris' office all cited various reasons for jumping ship, the trend suggests that Dem staffers weather the often chaotic conditions for as long as they can in order to use their tenure with the Vice President to help them get to better gigs away from Harris. 

It's hard to blame those who've fled the VP's office as one can only imagine what working in Harris' office would be like based on her public events and interviews. Perhaps some fresh staff will be better at coaching her for interviews, giving her coherent and less-condescending talking points, and keeping her awkward and ill-timed chuckles to a minimum.

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