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The 12 Cities Smashing Annual Homicide Records Have This in Common

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

As shocking videos of smash and grab robberies committed by roving bands of shoplifters continue to pop up across the country and violent crime trends upwards from coast to coast, Democrats continue to deny the crises afflicting their communities. But things have gotten so deadly on the streets of American cities from coast to coast that even ABC News is ringing the alarm.


According to an infographic they published based on data gathered from police departments, twelve U.S. cities have broken their annual homicide records in 2021 — and every one is run by Democrats.

Several cities are breaking the records set last year, while others are seeing the deadliest year in decades. 

St. Paul, Minnesota, surpassed 35 homicides on December 2nd, more than 2020. Democrat Mayor Melvin Carter has been at the helm since 2018.

In Portland, Oregon — where Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler has been in charge since 2017 — there have been 72 homicides as of October 24th, the highest number since 1987.

As of November 27, 2021, Indianapolis, Indiana, had recorded 246 homicides — the highest since last year. Since 2016, Democrat Joe Hogsett has been mayor.

Louisville, Kentucky — led by Democrat Mayor Greg Fischer who first took office in 2011 — also broke last year's record with 175 homicides as of November 24. 

Austin, Texas, had seen 60 homicides as of September 12, the highest since 1984. Its Democrat Mayor Steve Adler has been in office since 2015. 


As of October, Baton Rouge — helmed by Democrat Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome since 2017 — Louisiana saw 137 homicides, beating last year's record. 

Columbus, Ohio, also beat last year's record with 179 homicides as of November 26. Its Democrat Mayor has been in office since 2016.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — where Democrat Jim Kenney has been mayor since 2016 — there were 501 homicides as of November 26, the highest since 1990.

Rochester, New York, recorded its 71st homicide of the year as of November 11, the most since 1991. Lovely Warren, the city's Democrat mayor since 2014, stepped down in 2021 before the end of her term as part of a plea deal to resolve campaign finance violations.  

As of November 18, Toledo, Ohio — led by Democrat Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz since 2018 — had recorded 62 homicides, topping last year's record. 

Albuquerque, New Mexico, hit 82 homicides back in August, the highest since 2019, under the leadership of Democrat Mayor Tim Keller who assumed office in 2017.

In Tucson, Arizona — where Democrat Mayor Regina Romero has been in office since 2019 — there had been 80 homicides as of October 26, the most since 2008.


Despite being in different regions and each having their own challenges, a clear common denominator is that they're all led by Democrat mayors. 

In many, there are also Democrat district attorneys, police chiefs, and city councils making things even worse. From cutting public safety budgets to limiting the police's ability to stop crime to decreasing sentences for offenders, Democrat officials are making their cities less safe. Even worse, in some cases, they're in complete denial about the issue as homicides claim more of their citizens' lives. As Townhall reported this week, Philadelphia's Democrat D.A. issued an outright denial that there was any "crisis" of crime, lawlessness, or violence in his city as it surpassed its all-time record. 

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