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Biden Attempts Victory Lap on Worst Jobs Report of Administration

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Following the release of the November jobs report on Friday morning, an ill-sounding President Biden attempted to spin the disappointing numbers in a favorable direction with an unconvincing victory lap that seemed to assume Americans hadn't seen the unemployment data themselves. 

Claiming November's employment report is "incredible news" that proves his administration's "jobs recovery is going very strong," Biden asserted that "even after accounting for rising prices, the typical American family has more money in their pockets than they did last year." Doubtful. 

As Leah explains here, November's employment report was panned by CNBC as a "huge miss," and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was apparently caught off-guard by the bad economic news while live on MSNBC.

What's more, a Gallup survey Townhall covered yesterday revealed that 45 percent of Americans are experiencing economic hardship as a result of the lasting inflation that's been caused and/or left unaddressed by President Biden. If Biden's telling the truth about America's economic situation, the American people aren't feeling the "very strong" recovery he proclaimed. 

The reality of America's economy and the pain facing Americans at the gas pump and in the grocery stores didn't stop Biden from coughing his way through the rest of his lofty claims about the progress he says his policies have made. 

Democrats this week tried to brag about a two-cent drop in gas prices, but Biden's bragging ignores the fact that the current national average of $3.37 per gallon is more than one dollar higher than it was a year ago at $2.16 per gallon.

Biden also repeated his administration's dubious claim that the Build Back Better budget won't lead to a tax increase for Americans earning less than $400,000 per year which, despite the coughing, is still not true.

Biden also sought to take credit for what he said are improvements to the nation's supply chain, but his remarks were interrupted by frequent coughing that made his claims as unconvincing as his statement earlier this week that only Santa could ensure Christmas gifts arrive on time. 

In a rare move following his remarks, President Biden took a few questions from reporters who first asked why he sounded so unwell. Apparently, Biden caught a cold from his young grandson "who likes to kiss his pop." 

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