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Following his reporting on President Biden's border crisis in Del Rio, Texas last week, Townhall's Julio Rosas is now on the ground in the next border sector likely to be overrun by illegal immigrants: Yuma, Arizona.


While a majority of the attention remains along the Rio Grande in Texas, Julio — one of the first on the scene this week — has captured the growing number of migrants already illegally crossing into the United States in the southwestern Arizona city where the Colorado River loosely traces the U.S.-Mexico border. 

Among those crossing illegally into the United States are, somewhat unbelievably, individuals from Uzbekistan — a country some 7,000 miles away from Yuma. "A first," for Julio who's spent months covering the surging illegal immigration across America's southwestern border.


Those crossing illegally into the United States and Yuma, Arizona at this point — as Julio explains — is due to the Colorado River's water not being as deep by the Morelos Dam, making crossing into the U.S. somewhat easier and less hazardous.

Gaps in the physical border wall — on which construction began under President Trump but stopped by President Biden — also make the location a target for illegal immigrants and the coyotes that bring them near the border. Biden's decision to halt construction of the wall is one of many policies that spurred the surge in illegal immigration.

As Julio also notes, a serious lack of manpower exists along Yuma's international border meaning groups of people are able to slip across unnoticed where Border Patrol doesn't have personnel. Agents even joked that Julio's reporting at the border means he's "often the only person 'patrolling' the river."


See here, here, and here for Julio's latest reporting from the border in Yuma.

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