Flashback: Democrats Used to LOVE Andrew Cuomo

Posted: Aug 03, 2021 2:15 PM
Flashback: Democrats Used to LOVE Andrew Cuomo

Source: AP Photo/Richard Drew

Now that the New York Attorney General's report on the investigation into sexual harassment allegations made against Governor Andrew Cuomo is done — yes he harassed several women, no the state isn't pursuing charges — let's take a disgusting walk down memory lane to remember how much liberals love their own, no matter what they do. Even when he was sending COVID-positive patients to kill residents in nursing homes and sexually harassing the women around him. 

From the day the gag-inducing term "Cuomosexual" entered America's lexicon while liberals heaped praise on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, it was clear he could do no wrong in the Left's collective eyes.

Celebrities, Democrat politicians, and even Joe Biden were once unabashed in their praise for Andrew Cuomo the man as much as Andrew Cuomo the Governor of New York.

"I think he's sorta the gold standard," explained Biden. He's "a great guy" and "capable of being president," he's also on-record as saying. "Thank you for your leadership," President Biden would eventually tweet.

The list of those who gushed about Governor Cuomo reads like a Who's Who of the most unbearable libs on Twitter. "Watching Andrew Cuomo is inspiring, uplifting, fascinating," said Jen Rubin. "A confident voice of leadership during terrible times," she added. "Cuomo reminds us that non-sociopathic political leaders have normal human emotions," claimed Tom Nichols of the serial sexual harasser. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi praised Cuomo for addressing campus sexual assault saying she was "proud to stand" with him.

The Daily Show's host Trevor Noah explained how "people online are falling in love with [Cuomo]," which is presumably more than can be said for most of the women who worked with him. "I'm not going to lie, those people include me," Noah continued. "My Tinder profile now lists me as a 'Cuomosexual.'"

The incredible judges of moral character at the Lincoln Project and CNN were effusive as well. 

Our friends over at the Media Research Center have a nice — albeit sickening — review of some more of the media's long-running love affair with Governor Cuomo.

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