'Absolutely Disgusting': Byron Donalds Scorches Democrats for Response to Chauvin Verdict

Posted: Apr 21, 2021 5:30 PM

In an interview on "America Reports" Wednesday, Representative Byron Donalds (R-FL) scorched Democrat attempts to use the murder of George Floyd and the conviction of Derek Chauvin as a means to advance their own agenda. 

"Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the Democrats are using these inflection points going on in the United States as a tool to push their political agenda," Rep. Donalds explained. "Notice what they're saying, they're saying that this is a stain that we have to work hard to fix, and the only tool for fixing it in their mind is their agenda." 

Their agenda was made clear during President Biden and Vice President Harris' remarks from the White House Tuesday evening, in which they railed against the criminal justice system they had helped create. 

Rep. Donalds blasted one of many flaws in the Biden/Harris reform bill, pointing out that it "does something that would destroy law enforcement all across the United States: It would get rid of qualified immunity. What that would do is it would actually force good officers to leave the police force—they wouldn't want to put their families on the line for what may happen in the line of duty and they would leave the force. So you would be left with less cops and you'd be left frankly with bad cops on the police force if that bill became law." 

Donalds continued, highlighting Democrats' hypocrisy: 

"Just to show how pathetic their logic is, there was a bill that would reform policing in America. It was going to be moved through the Senate by Senator Tim Scott and Kamala Harris and Cory Booker who now deride the filibuster as racist, they used that very same filibuster last year to stop Tim Scott's bill that would reform policing in America." 

In response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's statement Tuesday, Rep. Donalds didn't mince words, calling her bizarre reaction "absolutely disgusting, absolutely despicable, and proof positive that the only thing Nancy Pelosi wants is to pass her agenda." 

"They don't care about what happened yesterday," Rep. Donalds said of Democrats. "They couldn't wait to get past the verdict. Once the verdict came in, they were poised to use the verdict to springboard into the thing they truly want, which is passing their agenda." 

"We need to take a moment to actually look at the fact that, yes, Derek Chauvin was punished and he should have been. Now the question is, what are we as a country, how are we going to move going forward. Are we going to allow politicians to essentially weaponize all these issues against us or are we going to come together as Americans to be a more perfect union? That's the stance we should be taking, not what Nancy Pelosi wants to do," he added. 

Rep. Donalds also called out his House colleague Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and those who voted against censuring her for her attempt to incite demonstrators in Minnesota over the weekend: "Let's be very clear, what Maxine Waters did in Brooklyn Center over the weekend was atrocious. What's even more atrocious is the fact that Democrats couldn't even find the moral high ground to hold one of their own members accountable." 

Offering advice for what Americans should do in the aftermath of the Chauvin trial, Rep. Donalds said people should "stop listening to elected officials and other people who want to just create a platform out of the tragedies that do exist in America. What happened to George Floyd was a tragedy, but don't let people use your anger to frankly further their agenda."