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Wait...That's What Pelosi Said About George Floyd and Derek Chauvin Verdict

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

You cannot make this up. You simply cannot make this up. Is Nancy Pelosi that dense? Forget politics. This is about behaving appropriately, especially when someone has died. George Floyd died last May. Officer Derek Chauvin was at the center of this incident. The ex-cop was found guilty of second and third-degree murder along with second-degree manslaughter. And Pelosi thanked him for dying essentially.


“Thank you, George Floyd, for sacrificing your life for justice,” she said.  Oh, it gets worse, she added that because he died millions came out of the woodwork for justice and his name would be synonymous in that regard. Lady, Floyd didn’t want to die last year. Is this for real?


Shorter Pelosi: Thanks for dying George…and giving my party an issue from which I can mobilize my base. 

That’s how this comes off, stunningly exploitative. It’s not like he decided to become an offering for white liberals. Again, white liberals ruin everything. Someone needs to give Nancy prepared remarks to avoid such public relations catastrophes like this again. She obviously cannot go off the cuff. 

I’m fairly certain that Mr. Floyd would have preferred not to be a BLM icon and simply be alive right now. This is a brain malfunction that might be on par with the many brain farts suffered by Joe Biden. I don’t know. 


Thank you, black man, for dying from the mouth of the white wealthy liberal seems like it wouldn’t sit well with a lot of people regardless of political affiliations. It’s rather unseemly. 

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