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'Making My Head Hurt': O.J. Simpson Comes Out Against Transgender Athletes in Women's Sports

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, Pool

O.J. Simpson is back on Twitter with a new video tweeted Sunday night, this time grabbing the third rail of transgender athletes. 

"I guess I'm against it," he says of transgender women competing in women's sports, especially in high school. 


The rambling video, according to Simpson, came about about after talking with his golf buddies. He admits he initially "didn't have much of an attitude about it," until someone mentioned Caitlyn Jenner, the olympian-turned-reality TV patriarch-turned-transgender activist.

"One guy reminded me how upset I was when some friends from my old country club in California told me that the former Bruce Jenner was playing from the ladies tees... somehow it just bothered my senses that he would be playing from the ladies tees."

"Somehow I just thought it was some sort of unfair," Simpson added.

He goes on to consider the flip side—transgender men competing against males—and reaches a relatable conclusion: "This whole thing is making my head hurt, I don't want to think about it."

Whether he wants to think about it or not, more and more are being forced to grapple with it.  A growing list of states including Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi have taken legislative action to protect women's sports.


In response, the NCAA recently announced that it would not allow its championships to be played in states that pass such measures.

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