Michigan Homeless Place "Job" at the Top of their Christmas List

Posted: Dec 17, 2013 6:05 PM

Bus driver Max Christensen asked the homeless passengers he transports between their shelter and the food bank to pen him their letters to Santa. For most, all they want for Christmas is a viable way to work hard and support themselves.

Christensen told CNN the reason for his actions was simple:

“They’re all people. They have hearts and they have souls, and they have the same needs that we do.”

CNN used the story for their “Good Stuff” segment, titling the story “Bus Driver Aims to Bring Hope to the Homeless.” While his actions are certainly commendable, there is also a larger story hidden here.

Overwhelmingly, what the homeless put at the top of their Christmas list was not clothes or things but a job, Chris Cuomo reported. These individuals are not looking for handouts or temporary assistance.

Joy Niemi, President of Room at the Inn Homeless Shelter stated:

“They want what everybody else wants. They want a home, they want a job, they want a way to support themselves and to make a living.”

Ending homelessness is like trying to win the War on Poverty or finding a cure to the common cold. However, it is worth noting that what these individuals are seeking is way to find fulfillment through labor and self-achievement. Policies should seek to create opportunities of upward mobility for every American.

Watch the segment by CNN here:

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