Chicago: No Guns at the Dinner Table

Posted: Sep 06, 2013 1:35 PM

Illinois legalized concealed carry-on possession in July, now Chicago is looking to add restaurants and bars to the already lengthy list of gun-free zones.

Any place serving alcohol would be required to ban guns from the premises or risk losing its liquor license, according to the ordinance, sponsored by alderman democrat Edward M. Burke.  The Chicago Finance Committee is set to review the proposal Friday. 

Under House Bill 183, citizens are permitted to possess concealed handguns except—when they are on public transportation systems or in schools, sports venues, hospitals, libraries, government buildings, casinos and amusement parks.

Richard Pearson, executive director, Illinois State Rifle Association told ABC7Chicago:

“Gun owners in this state are tired of being pushed."

Already, concealed firearms are prohibited in buildings and parking lots of establishments where alcohol constitutes more than 50 percent of gross income. The city ordinance would heighten this state restriction.

"Simply put, booze and bullets do not mix. They clearly present a very dangerous combination, and that's why Chicago needs to enact this local requirement in order to protect the public," Burke claimed.

Yet, there is a negative correlation between gun ownership and violence, a recent study published in the Harvard University Journal of Public Law and Policy revealed:

“Where firearms are most dense violent crime rates are lowest and where guns are least dense violent crime rates are highest.”

Lacing the city with gun-free zones will hardly accomplish Burke’s goal to protect the public.

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