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AP Photo/Richard Drew

If former Fox News host Tucker Carlson didn't already trigger the liberals, his new show certainly won't be any different. 

Former disgraced CNN host Brian Stelter expressed fury over Carlson's decision to stream his show via Twitter, calling the social media platform a "right-wing website." 


The "misinformation" police, AKA Democrats, are so worried that people will be informed of accurate and honest information rather than feeding Americans lies that they are concerned Carlson will have no boundaries when it comes to telling the truth---now that he is not confined to a network's narrative. 

"Twitter was already under fire for misinformation, disinformation, all-out lies, antisemitism, racism, before Elon Musk took over, and now it's gotten kind of crazy, right?" Stelter was asked during an interview on NBC. "Will anybody be able to police what Carlson says, or is it a free-for-all?"

In response, Stelter called out Musk for allowing such a thing. 

"This is the point," Stelter replied. "It is free for all. It's what Elon Musk wants to provide. This move from Tucker may cement Twitter as a right-wing website."

Stetler's former employee also sounded the alarm over Carlson's new business venture calling him a "right-wing extremist" and warning CNN's few viewers that Twitter's free speech is in jeopardy. 

"Right-wing extremist Tucker Carlson will relaunch his program on Twitter, a platform he praised as the only remaining large free-speech platform in the world after Fox News fired him late last month," the Left-leaning network wrote


Lawyers for Carlson, currently under contract with Fox News until 2025 (right after the presidential election), sent a letter to the networks' executives accusing them of fraud and breach of contract. 

After announcing the partnership, Musk clarified that there is no financial deal with Carlson. Instead, he will be able to generate ad revenue through subscription fees.

"Tucker is subject to the same rules & rewards of all content creators," Musk said. "Rewards means subscriptions and advertising revenue share (coming soon), which is a function of how many people subscribe and the advertising views associated with the content. I hope many others, particularly from the left, also choose to be content creators on this platform."

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