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Republican Warns Democrat's Obsession With Gender Identity Will Destroy U.S. Military Branches

AP Photo/John Minchillo

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala) is calling out the U.S. Navy for enlisting woke, progressive ideas in an attempt to recruit members, threatening the country's national security. 


The Republican warned that the Navy is having a "Bud Light moment" after news broke it had hired a non-binary officer to be its drag queen "Digital Ambassador" to entice recruits.

"My concern is that our new national obsession with sexuality, race, and gender is focused on self rather than purpose, ability, or service. I spent 40 years recruiting young men to play football. What the Navy is doing isn't a good recruiting strategy," Tuberville wrote in an opinion piece for the Washington Street Journal. 

Instead of focusing on real issues the military branch faces, such as low recruitment levels, aging aircraft, and poor shipyard conditions, Tuberville pointed out that the Navy is too busy worrying about caving to the Democrat's "woke identity politics" agenda. 

The U.S. military has never missed its recruitment goals until 2022, with the Army falling short an entire division, or about 15,000 recruits. Tuberville also noted how more than 8,000 service members were sent home because they refused to comply with President Joe Biden's woke, authoritarian Covid-19 vaccine mandate. 


The senator also warned of the implications of the "new national obsession" with gender and sexuality on the U.S. military, arguing that the nation is in danger as China expands its military. 

"The Pentagon's most recent China Military Power report shows that China's army, navy, and space assets are accelerating at a pace one American four-star admiral called 'breathtaking.' China already has the largest Navy in the world, and it's getting larger," Tuberville continued. 

Tuberville directed his message to Secretary Lloyd Austin and the Democratic Party, saying, "America's security, and for the security of the world, the U.S. military needs to remain the greatest the world has ever seen." 

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