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AP Photo/Ron Johnson

Florida Democrat Party Chairwoman Nikki Fried seems to still have beef with Gov. Ron DeSantis after she lost the 2022 Democratic nomination to ex-Republican Charlie Crist and then lost again in the gubernatorial race to DeSantis. 


After DeSantis sat down for an interview with Piers Morgan, Fried mocked the Florida governor, claiming he only went on the show to save his “failing” campaign. 

“Ron DeSantis retreated to a flipping @piersmorgan interview to try to save his failing campaign,” Fried tweeted. “Bahahahahahahaa. Hahahahahahahaa. Bahahahahahahah.”

In response, Morgan fired back at the Democrat, pointing out that she was the one with the failing campaign while DeSantis won in a landslide victory. 

“No disrespect, but if I were a Florida Democrat, I’d probably avoid talking about failing campaigns when it comes to a guy who just flatlined you …” Morgan tweeted. 

This was not the first time Fried had tried to criticize DeSantis. 

Last week, Fried claimed DeSantis was openly displaying pornography from his Twitter account after he hosted a presentation on debunking the media narrative surrounding his effort to remove sexually explicit and political books from Florida school libraries by displaying a video that featured images of graphic content from texts found in schools.


“Ron posting butt plug porn to own the libs,” Fried tweeted.

After much backlash, the Democrat admitted the books do not belong in schools but blamed DeSantis for allowing them to be there in the first place. 

Fried has taken several shots at DeSantis, claiming he has no chance of winning the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential race. However, recent polls beg to differ. 

A Marquette Law School poll found that DeSantis has an eight-point lead over President Joe Biden, 45 to 38 percent. The same goes with Trump, in which the two Republicans have closely trailed next to one another in the polls ahead of the election. 


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