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Paul Sancya

The Left has been slowly pushing a socialist agenda in the U.S. for some time. However, it wasn't until the Covid-19 pandemic that Americans began to realize it. 


During an interview with Australia's Sky News, anti-woke thinker Jordan Peterson warned that a "totalitarian credit system" is coming to western countries.

When asked if he thinks what happened during Covid could usher in a version of a social credit system, Peterson answered that it is "highly probable." 

"And that it will be accepted by many people?" the reporter asked. 

"They won't even notice," Peterson said. "You can't believe how much people don't know these things."

Peterson talked about how society could easily be fooled into thinking it was a system made to make them feel like it was done for their sake.

"People have no idea; it's like, 'Well, why not have a digital passport? I mean, you know, how convenient!'" Peterson explained.

Peterson said it would be a "miracle" if western countries never come to this, but highly doubted it. 

"And it's like, fair enough; you can understand that. Wouldn't it be nice if we could pay for everything with our phones? It's like, wouldn't it be nice if the central government — who is woke-oriented and makes carbon dioxide remediation the priority — knows exactly what you spend on everything so they can target you tax-wise with precision?" Peterson asked.


The Canadian psychologist pointed out places where the woke system has already been implemented. Airports, for example, have begun using automated barriers in place of people. 

"You can see the signs of this everywhere; when you go through airports now, there's a lot of automated barriers – you show your passports. Well, these are automated barriers; what if you can't go through them? Well, that's the situation for many people in China. What are you gonna do? You gonna argue with the machine?" Peterson continued. 

He said the scary part of all of this is once the machines lock you out, whether it's your money or the airport, you are "screwed." 

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