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Fetterman Refuses to Say If His Doctors Will Answer Media Questions About His Health

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Pennsylvania Democrat Senate candidate John Fetterman is being scrutinized for refusing to answer questions on his health following a shaky debate against Republican opponent Mehmet Oz. 


With less than six days to go before the midterm elections, Fetterman is being pressed to have his doctors answer media questions on his physical and mental health after having a stroke earlier this year. 

During CNN’s “This Morning” show, host Don Lemon pressured Fetterman on whether his doctors will be allowed to answer vital reporter questions. 

However, the Democrats refused to give a response. 

At the beginning of the interview, Lemon revealed that Fetterman would be using closed captioning technology, a visual aid he also used during his first and only debate with Oz. 

“Listen we’ve heard a little from your doctor, but we haven’t heard a lot. You’re asking voters to trust you on your word that your health is good without the full story, so in the interest of full transparency for the voters, do you think it would help if you let your doctors brief the press before election night?” Lemon asked Fetterman. 

In response, Fetterman made it clear that his doctors have already said that he is fit to serve in the Senate and that his campaign has already been “pretty transparent.”

“You know [we’ve been] very transparent in terms of showing up at a debate, and very transparent about, you know having events in front of thousands and thousands of Pennsylvanians for months,” Fetterman said, adding “and I was again, there was no, it was no secret that I missed some words, I was going to mush some words together.” 


However, Lemon was not happy with that answer. He continued to press Fetterman on why his doctors had yet to release information on his medical records. 

“No—I, I just believe that we have our doctors weigh in on that, and they believe that I’m fit, fit to serve, and that’s, that’s a point that was compatible, made in June, and compatible here just in October. And you know, I choose, you know my real doctors, composed some of the criticism from like, you know, like a ‘real doctor’ Oz, that’s just trying to weaponize, you know somebody that I just had a, had a stroke,” Fetterman said. 

Voters have expressed their concern with Fetterman’s ability to hold office following his stroke. While debating Oz, he made it apparent that he struggles to remember previous phrases he has already said and to form sentences. 

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