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More Than 80 Percent Believe Fetterman's Debate Against Oz Was a Complete Bust

AP Photo/Photo by Patrick Semanksy, Left, and David Dremer, Right

The majority of Americans believe that Democratic Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s debate against Republican opponent Mehmet Oz was a total and complete bust. 


Less than 20 percent of the audience from Tuesday night’s debate all agree that Fetterman failed to deliver promising remarks. 

Meanwhile, only 18 percent of voters believe that Fetterman won the debate, while 82 percent think that Oz took the crown. 

During the debate, Fetterman almost made President Joe Biden look coherent as he stumbled over words and struggled to string sentences along. 

The next morning, Democrats attempted to do damage control by conducting quick polls to repair any damage caused by Fetterman’s shaky performance. They are also touting the high number of voters who have already cast their ballots, most of which are Democrats. 

Fetterman appeared to struggle right off the bat with the debate, addressing the audience by saying “hi. Goodnight, everybody.” 

He then stuttered a few times while debating the topic of fracking, not being able to make up his mind which side he is on. 


“Uh, I do support fracking, and I don’t, I don’t, I support fracking, and I stand, and I do support fracking,” Fetterman said. 

The Democrats lost momentum when often had to stop speaking to then repeat phrases several times. 

A senior Pennsylvania Democrat told Reuters that “I don’t know anyone, even the most staunch Fetterman supporters, who think that went well last night.” 

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