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Joe Biden Slobbers Over Ice Cream As Inflation Soars in New Billboard

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

New York City tourists will be reminded that inflation, crime and gas prices are at an all time high, and President Joe Biden is too busy eating ice cream to do anything about it. 


The Job Creators Network, (JCN) a business advocacy group, put up a massive billboard in the middle of the bustling city of Biden slobbering over an ice cream cone while showing how high prices for everyday essential items such as eggs, milk, and sugar have become. 

“HERE’S THE SCOOP: Bidenflation is a recipe for disaster,” the billboard says, adding “C’mon Joe, the numbers don’t lie.”

As small business owners struggle with Bidenflation, polls show that the current struggling economy is the number one driving factor when deciding on where to cast their vote in the upcoming midterm elections. 

According to Job Creators Network president Alfredo Ortiz, the billboard is a reminder to Americans that Biden is in no rush to fix the current state of the U.S., adding that it is a denial to Biden's "delusional" claim that the U.S. economy is "strong as hell."

“I'm sure the small business owner who scooped that ice cream cone could have given him an earful about their struggles with supply chains and inflation… Bidenflation is giving this economy a painful ice cream headache,” Ortiz said, adding “the Biden administration is delusional when it comes to the economy. For him to claim the US economy is ‘strong as hell’ is a slap in the face to every family struggling to keep food on the table while inflation eats up an increasing amount of their income.”


This comes as the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that energy prices along with gasoline has soared by 18 percent, while utility gas went  up 33 percent.

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