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Biden Admin Is Funding Drug Supply Vending Machines

AP Photo/ Bebeto Matthews

The Biden administration is spending nearly $3.6 million to help fuel the drug epidemic with “harm reduction kiosks.” 

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) a $3 million grant was awarded to place drug kiosks filled with items and substances such as naloxone, syringes, fentanyl test strips and condoms in the rust belt of Kentucky. 


Some machines may even supply smoke kits that include crack pipes. 

The Biden administration claims the kiosks will reduce the stigma for drug users, aiming to make drug use safer rather than eliminate it. 

The NIH claims the vending machines are a more preferable method for drug users because it removes them from having to interact with an actual person who may potentially be a medical doctor. 

Earlier this year, the Biden administration proposed a $30 million harm reduction grant program that ultimately would have funded the distribution of crack pipes and the supply of clean syringes for heroin users. However after much backlash, the administration backed off the idea. 

In July, the New York Times reported that Biden’s drug policy czar Dr. Rahul Gupta, supported harm reduction policies including safe injection sites which allow users to use lethal substances in an environment supervised by medical professionals or volunteers. 


In July I reported that a New York City “harm reduction” clinic received over $400,000 from the Biden administration to supply drug addicts with the proper tools to further fuel their addiction. 

The facilities, which is reportedly location right next to a school, offers rooms where drug users are able to inject and smoke dangerous substances legally. 

The Biden White House quickly called it “misinformation,” however Daily Caller reporters went to the scene and saw first hand that it is in fact, true.

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