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Joe Biden's Nose Grows in NYC Billboard

Evan Vucci/AP Photo

New York City is filled with woke liberals who think President Joe Biden is doing a fantastic job and that the economy is just wonderful. 

Amid gas prices and everyday necessities being well over the average price they should be, Democrats recently passed their $740 billion "Inflation Reduction Act" that claims to bring prices down, contrary to Republicans' warnings that it will only make the economy worse. 


Job Creators Network launched a campaign against the hefty multi-billion dollar act, attacking Biden for broken promises he vowed to small businesses. 

Earlier this week, a giant billboard stretched out in the middle of Times Square called out the Biden administration for its tax increases and the massive addition of Internal Revenue Service agents (IRS). 

The "Stop Lying to Small Businesses" billboard features a Pinocchio-like image of Biden with his nose growing the length of the billboard. 

"Administration officials are likely spinning the truth in an attempt to reverse free falling approval ratings, but small businesses won't be duped… now with this billboard, Biden's growing Pinocchio nose is on display for all Americans to see," JCN CEO Alfredo Ortiz told the Washington Examiner. 

"The Biden administration has obviously taken small business owners and the American people for a ride — playing fast and loose with the facts at every opportunity," Ortiz said. "Despite spin from the White House press room, the economy is in the dumps, wage increases are being engulfed by high inflation, and small businesses and the middle class will be subject to tax increases that roll downhill." 


The billboard hopes to reach sleeping Americans, forcing them to wake up and realize what the leader of their country is doing. Biden and the rest of his Democratic colleagues have nonstop lied to the American people, leaving them having to live paycheck to paycheck. 

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