Democrat Wishes ‘Terminal Cancer’ on Republicans Following Uvalde Shooting

Posted: May 25, 2022 4:15 PM
Democrat Wishes ‘Terminal Cancer’ on Republicans Following Uvalde Shooting

In the wake of the Uvalde mass elementary school shooting, Democrats were unsurprisingly quick to blame the incident on Republicans. 

Venture capitalist Nick Hanauer raised some red flags when he took to Twitter to express his opinions on the shooting, that frankly no one asked for. 

In some evil, twisted words he asked God to give Republicans “terminal cancer,” and then let them “die in excruciatingly painful deaths and then chuck them into hell for all of eternity.” 

The woke democrat seemed to blame Republicans more for the shooting rather than the gunman himself. Seems accurate when the left always needs a reason to falsely call out the right.  

Democrats have long called for gun control, yet has done little to actually address the problem. It’s easier for liberals to constantly bash Republicans instead of forming solutions that may actually make a difference. Anything to demonize the GOP. 

If a Republican would have tweeted this exact thing about Democrats, it would have certainly been flagged for violence. 

However, it didn't go unnoticed, critics were outraged at Hanauer's remarks.