MSNBC Sends 'Meet The Press' Chuck Todd Packing

Posted: May 11, 2022 7:50 PM
MSNBC Sends 'Meet The Press' Chuck Todd Packing

Source: Katherine Frey/The Washington Post via AP, Pool

“Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd continues to be downgraded from his post at MSNBC. 

Less than only two years after Todd’s daily weekday time slot was moved from 5:00pm to the early hours of the afternoon, the network announced his show, renamed “Meet The Press Now,” will only be available on NBC’s streaming service. 

Anchor and correspondent Chris Jansing will take over the rebranded show, now called "MSNBC Reports" in the 1:00pm hour. 

This comes in the latest attempt to revive mainstream news as ratings have taken a nosedive in recent months. 

Variety’s Senior TV Editor Brian Steinberg reported that “Todd’s exit comes as the cable outlet is de-emphasizing straight news programming and playing up shows anchored by commentators, analysts and political experts.” 

As reported by Forbes, MSNBC tanked by 59 percent from 2021 with only an average audience of 140,000 viewers.

Multiple programs at the network had their worst quarterly performances in years. "The Rachel Maddow Show's" demo has been sinking since 2016, for instance. 

Experts say this is because of “serious credibility problems” that they created by relying on Former President Donald Trump for success while ignoring internal gaffes and scandals. 

Fox News contributor, Joe Concha, believes MSNBC has self-sabotaged by ignoring major negative headlines about its hosts. As Joy Reid referred to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as "Uncle Clarence" in a racist remark, as one of her many diatribes, the network turned a blind eye. 

In an effort to save its ratings, soon-to-be-former press secretary Jen Psaki is set to make a debut on-air appearance for the network. Some believe she will be MSNBC’S next Rachel Maddow, or at least the next face for the leftist media.