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Is It a Coincidence Biden’s New Press Secretary Has Ties to CNN?

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File

Karine Jean-Pierre, soon to be President Joe Biden's new White House Press Secretary, already has people raising questions over ethical concerns to do with her partner being a CNN commentator. 


Pierre, who takes over for Jen Psaki on May 13th, is in a long-term relationship and shares a daughter with Suzanne Malveaux, who serves as a correspondent to the leftist network. 

This has many sounding the alarm that Pierre’s partner’s position may be too close to CNN for comfort. 

The news sparks only further proof the White House is in cahoots with CNN. Or as Breitbart's Alex Marlow puts it, “CNN is in bed with corporate media.”

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Pierre was chosen to take over Psaki’s role, given that she will not only be the first black woman, but also the first gay person to hold the prominent White House post. Anything to cater to the woke mob’s narrative, as this administration sees it. 

The possible conflict of interest stems from the scandalous firing of CNN’s Chris Cuomo over his involvement in Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment allegations, followed by the network’s president, Jeff Zucker, resigning after his secret affair with a co-worker became public. 


Additionally, the most recent controversy CNN has faced includes rumors that Psaki is joining MSNBC. Many questioned her about how it could be ethical to remain Biden’s spokesperson while negotiating a salary with the network. These questions, however, Psaki refused to answer. 

Meanwhile, Pierre's promotion caused her partner to take a backseat in her career. CNN confirmed Malveaux will remain a correspondent, but will not cover the White House, Capitol Hill, or other politics related to Pierre until she is no longer the press secretary. 

During one of Psaki’s last White House press briefings on Thursday, Psaki introduced Pierre as her “partner in truth.” Psaki then asked reporters for Netflix suggestions, saying she is looking forward to “sleeping” and “reading books.” Even Fox New’s Peter Doocey chimed in, saying he will miss “sparring” with Psaki. To which she replied by saying: “Will you?” 

Furthermore, It remains unknown how Pierre will be at her new gig, but several people expect there will some level of conflict of interest violations in the near future. 

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