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Why Do State Democrats Keep Smearing Parents?

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, File

Last month, we highlighted how Virginia state Democrats were caught in hot mic moments criticizing various legislative efforts to protect children and parental rights as "parental crap," "parental garbage," and "stupid." This isn't a one-time, one-state issue, though. Screenshots of an email exchange shared by NH Journal between a parent and Campton Democratic state Rep. Tommy Hoyt of New Hampshire shows Hoyt insulting the parent and telling him or her to shut up. Shockingly, Hoyt actually confirmed the authenticity of the email, shockingly enough, as the NH Journal also reported.


The person sending the email describes him or herself as "a parent of four children in Hopkinton, NH." The parent also sent a series of questions to Hoyt, in addition to asking him, with original emphasis, to "pass SB272 without any amendments."

In addition to insulting the parent and parents as a whole, Hoyt did not even answer any of the questions asked. "Do you know why children's results tanked during covid? Their parents were incompetent teachers. Do your children a favor, let the teachers teach, and shut up. You're clearly no professional," he wrote to the parent. 

NH Journal also mentioned that he tried to explain his remarks, sort of. "The way I feel is that children’s test scores in school performance dropped off drastically was because they didn’t have teachers. And the parents that thought, 'We can replace them and can tell them what to do,' was not effective. I probably could have used better words," Hoyt explained. 

Hoyt also appears to hold anti-Catholic sentiments, in addition to seemingly excusing teachers abusing students As NH Journal mentioned:


Hoyt said he does not support school administrators lying to parents, but he supports teachers, principals, and coaches keeping information about their children secret. Asked if he believes parents are more of a threat to children than other adults, Hoyt replied, “I would certainly say some parents would be.”

Supporters of the parents’ rights bill note some local teachers have been prosecuted for sexually assaulting and harassing children.

Just last year, a former New Hampshire teacher of the year finalist was charged with illegal sexual contact with a student. A Portsmouth High assistant coach lost his job over allegations of abuse.

And former Timberlane Regional High School teacher David Russell just signed a deal in his sexual assault case forbidding him from teaching, coaching, or working with anyone under 18, and he cannot be in a minor’s presence without supervision.

Asked about the risk posed by teachers, Hoyt compared them to Catholic priests.

“Have you heard anything about any of the priests that have been molesting children for years? For anybody that’s in a position of power, that’s going to happen,” Hoyt said.

A federal Department of Education study found teachers are significantly more likely to engage in sexual misconduct with children than priests.

The bill in question would have established a parental bill of rights, which the NH GOP described as one that "will protect and ensure the fundamental right that parents get to direct the upbringing and education of their children." In calling it "essential legislation," the NH GOP also pointed out that it "establishes clear guidelines for school districts to follow when considering any action that may infringe upon the rights of a parent in their child’s education."


The NH Journal also noted that "SB272 would require school districts like Manchester to end their current policy of refusing to answer parents’ questions about their children’s behavior on these issues."

The bill passed in the state Senate with a vote of 14-10. in March, along party lines. It failed, however, in the state House, and will be indefinitely tabled, by a vote of 195-190. So hellbent are Democratic legislators to oppose parents that they've gone and blocked it from being considered in 2024. 

A chilling statement from the New Hampshire Senate Democratic Office claimed that the bill "would have posed a serious and real threat to the safety and wellbeing of LGBTQ+ children and their families, and interfered with the critical relationship between parents and teachers. The recognition of that by the majority of the House is something we can all celebrate."

The gaslighting continued in the closing paragraph. "With the defeat of SB 272, the future of our state is truly looking brighter and safer," it claimed. 

The NH Democratic Party Twitter account has tweeted at length celebrating the bill's defeat, which includes a retweet of the tweet from the state Democrats. 

In a pinned tweet, the NH House issued a statement that harped on how the bill "would have wrongfully forced school personnel to 'out' vulnerable LGBTQ+ students and insert government needlessly into conversations that should be left to the parent and child," thus making a particularly outrageous claim. 


It appears that the shameful actions extend beyond statements and votes. As NH Journal also highlighted, tactics to get the votes are under investigation:

After hot and heavy opposition from teachers unions and progressive activists, the bill was defeated 195-190 Thursday morning. A representative of one of the state’s largest teachers unions has hinted that Democratic House members will face primaries if they vote for the parents rights measure.

And a promise of a free plane ticket to fly Rep. Robin Vogt (D-Portsmouth) back from his Florida vacation caused Speaker Sherm Packard (R-Londonderry) to open an investigation into tactics being used by the bill’s opponents.

A NH Journal article from Wednesday also looked into the matter, under the headline of "Offer of Free Air Fare Sparks Investigation Into Dem Tactics in Parents Rights Fight."


A statement from the New Hampshire Senate had equally strong words, though more so based in reality about the true nature of the bill. In addition to noting how it was "truly disheartening to witness such an appalling disregard for parental authority," it also called Democrats blocking the bill "a direct assault on parental rights and a clear indication of their misguided priorities." It also went on to warn that "Democrats have demonstrated a lack of understanding of the vital role parents play in raising healthy, well-adjusted children."

The statement even concluded by calling on "Governor [Chris] Sununu to take a stand for Granite State parents and issue an executive order to affirm the rights they rightly deserve."

The New Hampshire House Republicans warned about school being "a mysterious and secretive black box" as a result. 

Through tweets and retweets the NH GOP called out the bill's failure, as well as Hoyt's insulting remarks.


Our friends at Twitchy also highlighted a sampling of the many Twitter users who expressed alarm in replying to Corey A. DeAngelis' tweet sharing the screenshot. 

With such a disdainful tone, one might think that Hoyt is in a safe seat who can say and do as he pleased. That's not quite the case. As DeAngelis also tweeted, he won by 18 votes.


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