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Democratic National Convention via AP

Ever since President Joe Biden made his reelection bid official, his fellow Democrats have shamelessly ramping up their defense for the 80-year-old in office who expects the American people to give him another term so that he can "finish the job." Chief among them is Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE), who serves as the co-chair of Biden's campaign.


While on ABC News' "This Week," Coons was confronted from the start by host Martha Raddatz about the president's age. She referenced an NBC poll showing that 51 percent of Democrats polled don't think Biden should run again, his age being a major factor. This was an issue raised in other polls, including from the Associated Press, and even by The New York Times

Not only did Coons see that as a non-issue, he even lectured viewers on how they should appreciate Biden's age. Speaking about the previous night's White House Correspondents Dinner, Coons offered that Biden "was fast on his feet. He was agile. He had great delivery. You saw the State of the Union Address, nearly an hour and a half. He was faster on his feet than most members of Congress." 

Coons only got more insistent from there. "I think Joe Biden is agile, is capable. His record of leadership, both at home and abroad, makes him imminently qualified. And we should be focusing some on the wisdom and experience he brings to the job, in addition to the accomplishments he’s had these first two years," he continued. 


As Raddatz pressed Coons further, acknowledging the senator's point about the State of the Union address, but also raising concerns about Biden's "stumbles" and "ramblings," which has led people to have "doubts," Coons stuck to his talking points. 

"I’d say, compare him to the alternative," Coons insisted, speaking of former and potentially future President Donald Trump. "Recognize the value of experience and seasoning. Recognize that his values align better with where we want America to go. Joe Biden is fit, capable and ready to serve another term," he added. 

Coons' hopes hinge on Trump being the nominee once again. While current poll numbers indicate he could very well win the nomination, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), who is considered Trump's biggest competition, has yet to enter the race. Further, polls indicate that DeSantis has a better chance of beating Biden. 


The senator did a similarly laughable job defending Vice President Kamala Harris, as Leah covered earlier on Monday. 

In reporting on the segment, as well as the segment on NBC's "Meet the Press" featuring Department of Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Mike Miller at our sister site of RedState remarked in his headline that it was a "Photo Finish for Lying Democrat of the Week."

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) similarly defended the president when speaking to Fox News last week, and called on viewers to "Google it" with regards to Biden's recent visit to Ireland. 

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