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Why Is Lindsey Graham Defending Joe Biden?

AP Photo/Susan Walsh, Pool

It has been a heck of a week for classified documents. Earlier on Tuesday, it was revealed that classified documents had also been found at the home of former Vice President Mike Pence. Unlike the timeline with President Joe Biden, however, news came out days after the documents were found at Pence's home, as opposed to months after they had been found in Biden's possession. While the timeline is one glaring issue with how the president is handling the situation, it's not the only one. And yet for whatever reason, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has come to Biden's defense.


When answering questions from reporters as to what his "national security questions" were, Graham casually threw out there that they were "the same thing for Trump," amounting to "why did you do it, what were in the documents, how were they held, who had access to them." Where he really raised eyebrows, though, is that he shared "I've known President Biden for a long time, I don't think there's anything--I would be shocked if there's anything sinister here.

The clip was seized on by the Columbia Bugle and gained momentum from there. 


By defending Biden, Graham may also be putting himself in a rather odd position for 2024, which is looking increasingly like a rematch of 2020. Former and potentially President Donald Trump declared his intentions to run last November, and Biden has appeared to be energized by the idea of running against Trump again after 2020. He's reportedly going to announce his intentions shortly after he gives the State of the Union address on February 7, 2023. 


Donald J. Trump for President 2024, Inc. emailed out a statement on January 17 sharing details of a roll-out of his "South Carolina Leadership Team," which will take place on January 28 in Columbia, South Carolina. Who is scheduled to be attending? Graham.

Bonchie, writing for our sister site of RedState, also chimed in, writing "Lindsey Graham Throws Joe Biden a Lifeline Because the GOP Has Learned Nothing." 

The piece highlighted Graham as a greater problem within the Republican Party: 


Well, if Graham knows Biden and can’t imagine there’s anything sinister going on, then that’s the end of the issue, I suppose. We might as well shutter the special counsel and never get answers to basic questions like why the Penn Biden Center office was being searched or how the president took home classified documents as a US Senator, something that should have been impossible given protocol.

Apparently, Graham isn’t the least bit curious about any of that because he’s too busy pining for the political environment of the mid-’90s, where senators were cordial colleagues who left politics at the water’s edge. Unfortunately for the South Carolina senator, the calendar says that it’s January of 2023, and any eye toward giving Biden a pass will never be met with any reciprocity.

In fact, Biden’s DOJ is still doing everything it can to charge Donald Trump with any number of crimes. Unilateral disarmament never works. It only gets one annihilated. Because Graham holds a safe seat in a red state, though, he feels none of that pressure. Perhaps he should?

Further, like so many others had tweeted about, Bonchie raised the question as to why Trump and Graham are associating with each other:

What makes Graham’s handwaving away of Biden’s criminality ironic is that he is a state-level representative for the Trump campaign in South Carolina. You’d think that would cause him to take some pause before he comes diving in to take a bullet for Biden, the president he ostensibly wants to defeat. But I guess not.

And on that topic, what in the world is Trump doing still palling around with Graham? How can he run as someone who is going to drain the swamp when he’s scheduling rallies with one of the swampiest members of the GOP? It’s clear Graham isn’t going to be willing to fight the good fight anyway so why not dump him?


Kevin Bishop, Graham's communications director, replied to the tweeted clip with a tweet from the senator clarifying that he doesn't find there to be "'sinister motives'" with Trump or Pence either. 

Regardless of any affiliation that Graham may have with Trump, Biden doesn't need Graham's help. He already has it from terribly incompetent White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and his fellow Democrats in the House and the Senate. 

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