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Los Angeles Vaccine Ad Campaign Is So Bad, It's No Wonder Replies Are Restricted

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

There's something about COVID-19 vaccine and booster ad campaigns that are just so cringeworthy, that you almost want to laugh, if not given the grave reality of how the unvaccinated have been ostracized. As our friends at Twitchy highlighted earlier on Tuesday, the LA Public Health account tried to encourage people to get their booster through ads in English and Spanish that advertise Randy's Donuts in Inglewood, California. 


Since nobody can reply to the tweet, nobody has been able to express their mockery in such a way. Of the 15 retweets though, 14 of them are quoted retweets taking issue with the campaign. There tweet also only has 5 likes. 

A Twitter users by the name of "Suverna" shared the campaign's ad in English, and she does allow replies, which provided even more of a way for people to pile on against the ad. 

Many pointed out how absurd it was for the department to encourage people to indulge in such unhealthy food. 

In quote retweeting the original tweet, FOX LA's Travis Rice called to mind how similar this ad campaign felt to then New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio trying to incentivize people to get vaccinated with French fries. 


The LA Public Health account has restricted replies to most of its tweets, according to a pinned tweet from August 21. The excuse is about as ridiculously lame as you'd expect. 

This is, unfortunately, hardly the only way in which the LA Public Health Department has acted with impunity, and far from the most consequential way. Administrator Barbara Ferrer was responsible for reinstating mask mandates, only to then be caught without a mask, including while at the MLB All-Star Game at Dodgers Stadium in July. 

Students in Los Angeles were also kept forcibly masked for much longer than students in other districts across the country. A study from Ferrer's own daughter, Kaitlin Barnes, went into the decision making, despite how the report listed no conflicts of interest, as Jen Van Laar at our sister site RedState covered. Barnes has no medical or scientific degree. 

In July, Dr. Houman David Hemmati shared an op-ed from Susan Shelley in the Los Angeles Daily News at the time, which called for firing Ferrer. Dr. Hemmati was among those who retweeted the tweet above from Suverna highlighting the department's ad in English. 

It's not merely former Mayor deBlasio or the LA Public Health Department that has come up with such cringeworthy ways to promote the vaccine, along with its seemingly endless boosters. 


The Biden administration, including the White House Twitter account, as well the official account for Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, have tweeted that people should get up to date with their boosters. This includes a tweet from Jean-Pierre equating doing so with "self-care" on Black Friday, and with the White House tweeting out such a message not long after, while ignoring more urgent matters, such as the protests in China. 

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