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Last weekend, a suspect went to Club Q in Colorado Springs, killing five people and injuring many more. As we've already covered at Townhall, the left has gone with their political narrative of blaming those who dare to speak out against drag shows for minors. The narrative of the suspect hating the LGBT community doesn't exactly quite fit, here, though. 


As Spencer covered earlier on Wednesday, it turns out that the suspect, Anderson Lee Aldrich is non-binary, prefers they/them pronouns, and will be referred to as Mx. Anderson Aldrich. Such information came out late Tuesday night, before Stephanie Ruhle's show, "The 11th Hour" aired on MSNBC, though the program still went with the narrative of demonizing conservatives, as our friends at Twitchy highlighted.

As NewsBusters' Alex Christy covered about the Tuesday night segment, Colorado State Rep. Leslie Herod, who was introduced as the first elected black LGBT person in the state, was allowed to spread the narrative of blaming conservatives.

In response to being asked "where does this anger, where does the violence stem from," Herod blamed elected officials she disagrees with when it comes to LGBT legislation. 

"Well, a lot of the violence and the anger does come from the elected leaders that choose to target LGBTQ people, especially transgender youth in their rhetoric, in the bill, in the legislation that they choose to pass. It is extremely, extremely problematic and quite frankly it's dangerous," she claimed. "In the General Assembly, we saw an uptick in the number of anti-LGBTQ legislation being introduced. Now, though it has been stopped by progressives in the General Assembly, we know that that rhetoric does seep into the hearts and minds of so many." 

That's a pretty strong claim to be, to say that "we know," especially since such legislation hasn't even passed in Colorado, as Herod mentioned. It was more of an afterthought, though, as Herod and Ruhle had a narrative to promote. 


"So, this rhetoric and what we see on social media, in the press, all of that does add up to creating an atmosphere not only of hate but of dehumanizing people and making it seem okay, okay that their lives, and their lives that don't matter, right? And make it seem like it's okay for them to be murdered," Herod also claimed. 

Ruhle continued that narrative by discussing "the far-right is dehumanizing, right?" and "demoralizing the LGBTQ community." She went on to add that such "demoralizing" is against "truthfully any 'other' community that is not white, heterosexual, and straight," making yet another explosive claim, especially given what we now know about the suspect and knew when the episode aired.

"It's happening all across the country. Given that, where do we go from here? Where do you do in your position," Ruhle asked. 

Herod did go on to promote "progressive legislation" in Colorado, and discuss other progressive crusades in the state. "Yeah, you know, I don’t think it’s as simple as a piece of legislation. You know, we have passed progressive legislation throughout Colorado. In fact, a lot of folks find Colorado to be a safe haven, a sanctuary state for folks who are seeking refuge because of their transgender stratus, definitely embracing of immigrants as well," she offered. 

Later in the segment, Ruhle ranted and raved against "misinformation," another boogeyman feared by Ruhle and her ilk in the mainstream media. This included not only Rush Limbaugh, who has been dead for almost two years now, but other radio hosts, specifically Salem ones, as guest Charlie Sykes mentioned, including Charlie Kirk, Sebastian Gorka, Hugh Hewitt, and Dennis Prager. is part of the Salem Web Network.


Such a charge about "misinformation" is especially rich given that Ruhle was fully engaging in a narrative about the "far-right," after new information about Aldrich had already been out. 

In the early hours of Tuesday, Ruhle had also tweeted a message demanding people be an "ally" and not just a "bystander."

She was retweeting an account that applauded MSNBC's coverage of the shooting, which again, was fierce in its narrative of blaming conservatives and promoting drag shows for children.

Meanwhile, on CNN, as Julio and Twitchy also covered, Alisyn Camerota was likewise shocked to find out about and have to report this update.

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