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AP Photo/David Zalubowski

Last Saturday, a gunman killed five people at Club Q in Colorado Springs. Guy has highlighted some red flags with the suspect, Anderson Lee Aldrich. Most telling is that he was known to authorities and yet still had a gun, even with Colorado's red flag law in place. The more we find out, the weirder it's gotten, as Ed Morrissey pointed out at our sister site HotAir. Rather than focus their frustrations on Aldrich and what's potentially a failed system, leftists and mainstream media figures have their sites set elsewhere.

Our friends at Twitchy have been keeping track of such reactions. Keith Edwards, formerly of the scandal-plagued Lincoln Project, directly blamed Tucker Carlson and the Libs of TikTok account for the shooting.

And there's plenty more ugliness than what Twitchy highlighted, which included retweeting those who shared Edwards' tweet above with their own two cents. Yet Edwards kept doubling down. 

Carlson was also blamed for the shooting at a grocery store in a predominantly black neighborhood in Buffalo last May, despite how the suspect had a manifesto of sorts that demonized Fox News, Carlson's employer. 

Speaking of the Lincoln Project, earlier on Tuesday, they blamed Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and other "MAGA sycophants." Edwards did the same, taking issue with the congresswoman daring to mourn for the community.

Edwards wasn't alone in blaming Libs of TikTok, and neither were those he retweeted. NBC News's Brandy Zadrozny joined in as well, as our friends at Twitchy likewise highlighted, and then tried to push back when she was the subject of a tweeted clip from The Washington Free Beacon. 

Recall that Zadrozny was also among those in the media who went after the Libs of TikTok account and the Manhattan Institute's Christopher Rufo in light of alleged threats targeting Boston Children's Hospital over what supporters may call "gender-affirming care," but in reality, results in sterilization and genital mutilation of children. It wasn't even enough that Libs of TikTok appropriately condemned the threats once such allegations were confirmed by the FBI and a suspect, Catherine Leavy, was arrested for a hoax bomb threat. 

The tragic shooting at Club Q has resulted in people politicizing the issue, as Guy called out in his piece mentioned above. It's not just about gun control, either, but drag shows and whether or not they are appropriate for minors to attend. The same goes for the so-called "gender-affirming care" performed on minors who cannot legally consent to such a procedure. Exposing such events is often something the Libs of TikTok account does. It's also why she's been unfairly maligned. 

Edwards also joined in on promoting drag shows for children.

Zadrozny similarly defended them while doubling down. "I think it's a pretty good summation of the right wing moral panic targeting this community," she said about the shooting at Club Q. So much for her trying to walk back putting the blame on Libs of TikTok. 

Perhaps no other has more so defended drag shows than Ben Collins, also of NBC. 

MSNC's Joy Reid used the shooting as a way to prop up and try to normalize these drag show s, as NewsBusters' Kevin Tober highlighted. This is after a whole panel of characters on "Deadline: White House," also on the network, blamed conservatives for the shooting earlier on Monday. 

Nicolle Wallace, who hosts "Deadline: White House," again addressed the topic on Tuesday night's show, during which she, as well as a guest, former Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD) joined in on piling on against Carlson.

Beyond the politicization is the product of potential lawsuits. Matt Walsh was also maligned by an article from Lauren Sue at the Daily Kos, with her headline claiming, "Matt Walsh only upset 'more people weren't killed' at Club Q: Twitter takes highlight GOP hypocrisy."

The link to the story as of Tuesday afternoon merely bears the headline "Redacted." The article is no more, and instead, the text reads, "In a previous headline for this article, we misattributed a quote to Matt Walsh. We regret not properly quoting Walsh's tweet. This article is in direct violation of our editorial policy, and we have removed it."

While Sue's bio page on the Daily Kos website includes a link to her Twitter, as of Tuesday evening, her tweets are protected.


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