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AP Photo/Marc Levy

It would appear that the so-called right to an abortion is so sacred, that there's no day when Democrats won't stop promoting it. This includes on the 21st anniversary of the terrorist attacks that took place on September 11, 2001. John Fetterman, the Democrat who is running for Pennsylvania's open Senate seat, has chosen that day to hold an abortion rally in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, flanked by Reps. Madeleine Dean and Mary Gay Scanlon, Commissioner Val Arkoosh, and State House Minority Leader Joanna McClinton. 


The event is listed on Fetterman's campaign website as a "HIGHEST PRIORITY Community Event."

Pennsylvania has its own connection to the events from September 11. Planes not only flew into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon that day, but United Airlines Flight 93 crashed in Stonycreek Township, located in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. That plane had been hijacked by al Qaeda terrorists and was headed for the U.S. Capitol, but passengers on board stormed the cockpit in an attempt to retake it from the hijackers and land the plane. 

Many Twitter users replied and quote retweeted taking issue with how Fetterman is marking the occasion, but other users also used it as an excuse to further promote abortion, even when reminded of the connection.

Fetterman is running against Dr. Mehmet Oz, a Republican who has reaffirmed his pro-life position. "Dr. Oz is pro-life and supports exceptions for rape, incest, and life of the mother. It's quite the contrast from John Fetterman who supports abortion up until the moment of birth," said Brittany Yanick, the communications director for Dr. Oz's campaign said in a statement for Townhall. 


The RNC has continuously highlighted Fetterman's abortion extremism, in that he himself answered during a debate when asked "are there any limits on abortion you would find appropriate?"

Many other Democratic candidates and office holders have danced around responding to if there are any legal limits they support on abortion, or come out to directly say they don't believe in there being any legal limit on abortion.

Fetterman has continuously indicated his support for the Women's Health Protection Act (WHPA) as well as for abolishing the filibuster to get it passed. The House passed the legislation last September, but it has failed several times in the Senate. That legislation, which has been incessantly promoted by the White House and President Joe Biden himself, would expand Roe v. Wade and allow for abortions on demand without legal limit by invalidating pro-life protections passed at the state level. 

It does not yet appear that Fetterman or the women he will be flanked by have further addressed on social media their appearance at the abortion rally taking place on Sunday. They have, however, doubled down on their pro-abortion positions in recent days, which includes a September 1 tweet from Rep. Scanlon criticizing Dr. Oz's pro-life position and referring to abortion about how "Women making choices about their own bodies is called freedom."


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