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March for Our Lives Refuses to Let Pro-Lifers Hold Events, Proving David Hogg to Be Quite the Hypocrite

AP Photo/Steven Senne

After the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, which left 19 children and two teachers dead, March for Our Lives sprung into action to organize rallies for gun control throughout the country. Founder and board member David Hogg has also called for people from all over to join him and his organization in participating in marches. As it turns out, though, not all are welcome.


Hayden Laye, who goes by "Pro-Life LGBTQ+" on Twitter, revealed online and spoke to Townhall about being shut out from hosting a March for Our Lives event in Greenville, South Carolina, because of pro-life beliefs. 

Laye has done pro-life work with Democrats for Life of America (DFLA), Students for Life of America (SFLA), and Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU).

As Laye revealed to Townhall, Trevor Wild, a Distributer Organizer was the one who revealed as much. Wild, who did not respond to comment from Townhall, appeared to double down on Twitter. 


The "Our Policy Agenda" section of the MFOL website does make reference to other issues. "At MFOL, we know this is a deeply intersectional issue, inextricably bound with our long journey for racial justice, economic justice, immigrant rights, and the rights of our LGBTQIA+ comrades," the page reads. It makes no mention to the "reproductive justice" that Wild tweeted about, nor does speak to such exclusionary and discriminatory policies that Wild espoused.

Wild has since protected his tweets, and now goes by "no content for anti-choice dems" on Twitter. It wasn't merely Laye tweeting at Wild, but others, including Kristen Day, the executive director of DFLA, and DFLA itself. 


This all comes as Hogg incessantly tweets out calls for all kinds of people, regardless of other differences, to join him. Here are just a few. 


Laye explained in an Instagram post that "I sent the information for the event happening this weekend to @marchforourlives and said I was interested in doing a march on June 11th and was told they would reach out with more info. I got a call from them a few minutes ago, not with more info, but saying I am not allowed to organize an official MFOL affiliated event because of my pro-life views on abortion after they keep going on about us not caring." The post began by pointing out that "refusing to work with people who hold different views on a separate issue is a great way to accomplish absolutely nothing."

Laye has a point, and it's not merely MFOL that has gone after the pro-life movement. The same day that the shooting occurred, people rushed Twitter to condemn pro-lifers, berating those who would dare be pro-life while also supporting the Second Amendment, including with "#ProLifeMyAss."


Some even try to control how pro-lifers can label themselves, in that they can't use such a label if they don't subscribe to their position on gun control. Such exclusionary practices from MFOL are thus quite hypocritical, then, considering that pro-lifers are told they must be in favor of gun control.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted such a claim.

A week later, such claims are still coming in through, such as from Robert Reich.

Laye doubled down on calling out those who won't work with others that they may disagree with on other issues. 

"If you want to achieve something, you must work with others who might not always agree with you. The keynote speaker at my event, Lee Turner (2018 Democratic Congressional Nominee for South Carolina District 04), is very pro-choice. We stood on opposite sides of the street just a few weeks ago after the SCOTUS leak, but we came together to fight for a common goal," Laye, who held an event last Saturday and plans to hold more, said in a statement for Townhall. 


Whole Hogg's statements and tweets call for supposed unity on the issue, it's a sense of unity that only goes so far. Based on other tweets as well as exclusionary practices, it appears that March for Our Lives may care more about sticking it to the pro-life movement than about its pet issue of gun control. 

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