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World Economic Forum Treated Us to Quite the Lecture By Climate Cultist John Kerry

AP Photo/Charles Krupa

On Tuesday, the World Economic Forum treated those tuning in to quite the lecture, including from none other than Climate Czar John Kerry. The forum was held in Davos, Switzerland, meaning Kerry surely had to fly there in his jet, as he has to all of the other climate change events he's spoken at.


Part of the lecture from Kerry included mentions of how we must get to "a brand new, unbelievable economy, globally, in the world, the greatest transformation ever, as we move to a new energy economy, as we get pollution out of the air, which is what is causing the climate crisis." The "climate crisis," is, of course a popular phrase with the Biden administration.

"People forget, greenhouse gasses are pollution and 15 million people a year die because of the quality of the air around the world, which comes principally from fossil fuel, burning that is not mitigated, abated," he continued to warn.

In a subsequent clip, Kerry want on to further rant about "the climate crisis," which must be solved through solving the ocean's warming. "We're dealing with a crisis here, folks, a crisis made by human beings."

As our friends at Twitchy pointed out, many picked up on how the WEF Twitter account locked replies. Nevertheless, people shared their thoughts in the quoted retweets. 


Kerry has come under fire before for his jetting around the world, and for his casual indifference about his own behavior. In February of last year, Kerry flew to Iceland to receive a climate change award, offered that using his private jet was "the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle.


Not only is Kerry a hypocrite with casual indifference, but he has prioritized this issue which he is such a hypocrite on above all else, including human rights abuses in China. 

As Townhall has chronicled throughout Kerry's time as climate czar, Kerry has downplayed or even laughed off having any responsibility in doing anything to address the genocide of Uyghur Muslims, with comments such as it's "not my lane," to "life is always full of tough choices," and also how "it’s very important for us to try to keep those other things away," when it comes to discussing the issue with his Chinese counterparts. It's worth reminding that China is the biggest polluter in the world. 

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