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The White House is Sticking to Quite a Narrative on What It Plans to Do About Oil

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

On Thursday, as Spencer covered throughout the day, President Joe Biden announced that he's tapping into the strategic reserves as a way to get more oil while the country experiences record-high gas prices. Spencer also noted in his reporting, citing energy experts, how bad an idea this is. It's also been heavily criticized by former President Donald Trump, now, and when Biden made such an announcement last November. Not only does Biden not think this is a bad idea, though, his administration thinks it's a good idea, and is standing by the narrative indicating as much. 

If you want an inkling as to what is on the Biden administration's mind, and from a particular perspective, it's worth checking out White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain's Twitter feed. Klain is often the subject of our pieces here at Townhall, as well as our sister sites, like Twitchy. There are even parody Twitter accounts about Klain. 

The tweets above are just some of the tweets and retweets from Klain, on this one subject. He also tweeted video clips of Biden's remarks from NowThis, The New York Times, CBS News, as well as CNN, and he tweeted and retweeted about other issues on Thursday, too. 

Another big take away, as one can see from the tweets above from more progressive members of Congress, is to blame Big Oil. The White House, especially as the midterms are fast approaching, has looked to blame everyone else but the Biden administration itself for gas prices, but it's not a move that's likely to pay off, considering how badly Biden has been crashing in the polls. If anything, the oil and gas prices are just one more reason why a red wave is likely coming. 


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