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This Out-of-Touch Response from Democrats on Tax Relief Is Making a Red Wave All the More Likely

AP Photo/David Zalubowski

The American people are hurting, and it's no thanks to the Democratic Party in control of the White House, both chambers of Congress, and certain state legislatures. When it comes to the 40-year high inflation and record-high gas prices, Republicans in state legislatures across the country are attempting to provide their constituents with relief in the form of tax cuts. Yet Democratic-controlled state legislatures are killing such relief. 


If Democrats don't think such proposals will help, they can think again. One such key takeaway from a poll released in late January that was conducted by Cygnal on behalf of the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) had to do with the cost of living. As the poll found among likely voters, "74% of those surveyed said that it was important for their state legislature to enact policies like suspending or cutting the gas and sales tax to help offset the rise in inflation and cost of living."

Further, a poll from Quinnipiac that was released last month found that inflation was the top issue selected by respondents, with 27 percent of adults saying so. 

Yet Democrats in certain state legislatures aren't listening. Colorado's HB 1021 would have reduced individual and corporate state income tax rates and saved a family making $77,000, the state's median household income, $115 in income taxes. Earlier this month, however, Democrats voted to block two bills from moving out of Committee and even making it to the House floor.

Three separate tax relief bills in Washington state were also killed by Democrats before the legislative session ended last week. 

Democrats won't even take action where their governors have made the move to do so. Republicans in the Maryland General Assembly renewing their call for "meaningful" tax cuts, which includes Gov. Larry Hogan's (R) $4 billion proposal to eliminate all state taxes on retirees. The bill's still sitting in committee. The state has what The Washington Post noted is an "unprecedented surplus."


In Vermont, a House committee rejected Gov. Phil Scott's (R) $50 million tax cut package and instead substituted its own proposal.

This inaction is taking place when it comes to directives from Democratic governors as well, such as New Mexico, where Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham made a reduction in the state's gross receipts tax rate. Yet the legislation remained stuck in committee when the legislative session ended last month. 

"Americans are struggling right now with record inflation and skyrocketing gas prices because of the failed policies of Joe Biden and his liberal allies in Washington D.C.," said RSLC Deputy Communications Director Mason Di Palma. "While Republicans are looking to ease the financial pain for their constituents by introducing tax reform bills, Democrats in Colorado, Maryland, New Mexico, Vermont and Washington would rather block these proposals. At a time where Americans could use a little relief, Democrats are playing politics with people’s lives and would rather continue to stand behind a failing President Biden rather than work with Republicans to deliver relief."

Many of these states appear in a memo from the RSLC that I highlighted last week. Colorado is included as one of the "Opportunities to Flip Chambers," while New Mexico and Washington State are included under "Possibilities for Meaningful Gains in Liberal Strongholds."


And yet this is the party that has the nerve to say it's Republicans who don't care about people. No, seriously, they're saying that. These shenanigans are happening at the federal level, too. It only makes sense, considering that the Democratic Party is all in lockstep with one another. 

An inbox message from the DNC from Friday morning and a tweet from Chairman Jaime Harrison promoted an op-ed he had written for The Cap Times, based in Wisconsin. It took issue with Sen. Ron Johnson, the state's Republican senator. "Republicans are not on your side," the inflammatory headline claimed. 

Other tweets from the DNC's official account have claimed Republicans are the ones raising taxes. 


Contrary to the DNC's call to action that "The GOP must be defeated in November," it's very likely that a red wave is coming at the state and federal levels. 

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