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EXCLUSIVE: Rubio Files Resolution to Overturn Biden Administration's Pro-Abortion Title X Family Planning Rule

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool


The Hon. Marilyn Musgrave, the Susan B. Anthony List vice president of government affairs provided a comment for Townhall about the resolution, and why it is so necessary. 


"The Biden-Harris administration continually pushes a pro-abortion agenda that is radically out of step with the consensus views of Americans, including rolling back President Trump’s Protect Life Rule -- a policy reflecting the convictions of the strong majority of Americans that abortion is not 'family planning' and taxpayer dollars should not go towards paying for abortion on demand. We praise Senator Rubio for his work to stop the Biden administration’s deadly agenda," she said.

SBA List is a supporting organization of Sen. Rubio's resolution to overturn the Biden's administration 2021 Final Rule, which allows for Title X family planning funds to go towards abortion. 


The Biden administration has gone through great lengths to not only promote abortion, but to fund the abortion industry as well. The Biden administration's 2021 Final Rule reversed the Trump administration's ban of federal funding from going toward family-planning programs that provide abortion referrals. As a result, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) on Wednesday introduced a resolution under the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to overturn the Biden administration's 2021 Final Rule. Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) is leading such efforts in the House. 

Townhall was given an exclusive look at the resolution, which indicates that "Congress disapproves the rule" and makes clear that "such rule shall have no force or effect." 

Of all the issues this current administration has stood in stark contrast to its predecessor on, perhaps none is starker than the issue of abortion. The Trump administration's 2019 Final Rule, known as the "Protect Life" rule, did not reduce Title X funding when it comes to essential care for women and families, rather it essentially redirected it to those providers which do not perform or refer for abortions. 


Several Title X grant announcements have been posted in reference to this rule under the Biden administration. On January 21, 2022, the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), led by the particularly pro-abortion Secretary Xavier Becerra, announced funding under Title X for some abortion providers that had left in 2019 under the Trump rule and had reapplied under the 2021 Final Rule. This includes Planned Parenthood of Northern New England and Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas. 

"The Biden Administration's rule is an assault on the most sacred and fundamental human right, the right to life," Sen. Rubio said in a statement. "I will continue to protect the sanctity of life and do everything I can to make sure taxpayer dollars are not used for or promote abortions." 

"Title X is intended to fund comprehensive family planning and preventative services, not abortion providers," Rep. Gonzales also explained. "Dollars allocated under this program should be spent on services focused on the mother and child’s well-being. The proposed reversal will guarantee that clinics funded by Title X are separated from abortion providers, ensuring that more funds go towards substantive family and women’s health care providers, and that taxpayers never foot the bill for abortions." 

Republican senators have recently used the CRA. Earlier this month, they voted to repeal the Biden administration's vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. 


While Democrats narrowly control the Senate, with Vice President Kamala Harris providing a tie-breaking vote, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is pro-life. Votes under the CRA are privileged and under a simple majority. 

At the time of publication, the resolution in the Senate has 33 Republican co-sponsors, in addition to Sen. Rubio, including Sens. Jim Risch (ID), Mike Crapo (ID), Ted Cruz (TX), Joni Ernst (IA), Tim Scott (SC), John Boozman (AR), John Thune (SD), Steve Daines (MT), Marsha Blackburn (TN), John Barrasso (WY), Mike Braun (IN), John Hoeven (ND), Josh Hawley (MO), Cynthia Lummis (WV), Kevin Cramer (ND), Deb Fischer (NE), Rick Scott (FL), Cindy Hyde-Smith (MS), James Lankford (OK), Tom Cotton (AR), Jim Inhofe (OK), Bill Hagerty (TN), John Kennedy (LA), John Cornyn (TX), Roger Wicker (MS), Jerry Moran (KS), Tommy Tuberville (AL), Thom Tillis (NC), and Bill Cassidy (LA). 

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